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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Wednesday

Now that President Obama has taken office, one of his key goals is to rebuild the nation's infrastructure including it's highway system. Does that mean he'll finish one of the last great pieces of the Interstate Highway System and complete the final stretch of I-710 ultimately connecting Pasadena and Long Beach? Folks in Pasadena and Alhambra (where the freeway stubs out) say yes; residents in tony South Pasadena who fear the highway bisecting their old money community say "hell no."

Adeena Bleich, Ron Galperin, Paul Koretz, Robyn Ritter Simon, Robert Schwartz and David Vahedi are all running to replace Jack Weiss as the 5th District Council Member and none give the City high marks these days. We've heard that from before from so-called "outsider" candidates like Bill Rosendahl, Wendy Greuel and Greig Smith who all shortly after election became the ultimate outsiders. So run against City Hall but when you get elected keep up the battle and you might endear yourself to the people.

Speaking of Wendy Greuel, as we reported before, she's really not happy she failed to receive the endorsement of the City's Engineers and Architects Association who chose to pick her opponent, Nick Patsaouras. Rick Orlov writes that Greuel was upset that the EAA board apparently opted not to interview her prior to issuing their support for Patsaouras.

Mayor Villaraigosa campaigned on building a subway to the sea, fought hard to pass a significant sales tax increase to fund it but can't vote in favor of the project as a member of the board of the MTA due to ethics laws. The Mayor has received campaign contributions from the firm bidding to build the project so he has to recuse himself. So much for ethics reform.

Looks like Gladstone's, the legendary Malibu seafood eatery, has made a deal to open up a branch at LAX. Who owns Gladstone's? Former Los Angeles Mayor and Villaraigosa patron Richard "Obi Won Kenobil" Riordan.

K-Fed is dating delicious blonde volleyball player Victoria Prince and his boys Sean Preston and Jayden James think Vickie is "cool." Sean and Jayden's mom - K-Fed's ex Britney Spears - already has blown a gasket about the relationship and surely isn't going to like her boys' fondness for Daddy's new squeeze.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Whatever happened to Zooma Dogg's claim about being on Night Line.

How can Mayor Sam endorse a homeless man who claims to be an "economist" and lies about being on Night Line?

Maybe you can awaken him. He's parked outside of city hall and sleeping in his van.

January 21, 2009 4:21 AM  

Blogger Heather said:

Its shameful the way Villaraigosa campaigned to clean up city hall and attacked Mayor Hahn on ethic reforms and pretended to be a man of character. Well he fooled some of the people let's say out of a city of 4 million only 200,000 voted for the fool. Now thanks to blogs like Mayor Sam everyone is seeing what a corrupt little snake he really is. Let's hope the lazy local media starts doing their job and reporting the truth. The only credible reporter in LA seems to be DAvid Z.

January 21, 2009 6:49 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I say dissect south pasadena, heck, the communities of East Los Angeles and South Los Angeles was cut in half, why not South Pas!!! It aint a racial thing is it? clear case of NIMBYsm

January 21, 2009 12:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Those folks in South Pas don't want Negros coming through.

Word for you honey! The Negros be in charge now!

January 21, 2009 7:48 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Are you kidding? Pasadena has morfe than its share of Negroes, including some oin the City Council.

Wasn't Nate holden's son, Chris on the Council?

January 22, 2009 6:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

South Pasadena has waged a multi-decade battle of racist NIMBYism. The freeway will not "destroy" that City. The currect discussion to put most of the 710 freeway into a tunnel is also not the most cost-effective AND sensitive solution.

There should be tunnels drilled only where the cost of picking up historic houses and moving them would be prohibitive. That means the El Sereno portion should be constructed in a trench with a tunnel cover near the elementary school. The same for South Pasadena High.

The places where a drilled tunnel make sense are just north of the 110 freeway and again along Pasadena Avenue. At these two locations, the number of truly historic homes that would have to be moved and then put back on top of a tunnel lid is cost prohibitive.

Also there should be small tunneling used to provide underground connections to Huntington Drive and to the 110 Freeway.

If we build the 710 Freeway with a full tunnel, we will lose connections to the 110 freeway. What good is a freeway without enough connections to the rest of the transportation system?

Hopefully some common sense will prevail in this important missing highway connection.

January 22, 2009 11:13 AM  

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