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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Thursday

Things have been busy with this old, dead Republican Mayor's other actitivities, so haven't been posting as much. Thanks to Zuma Dogg, Walter Moore, Jennifer Solis, Councilman John and our old friend Joe Mailander for keeping our readers informed and entertained.

Mayor Villaraigosa met with the new LAUSD superintendent - Admiral Brewer - Wednesday. We don't know everything that was said, but Jon Regardie at the Downtown News has imagined what the exchange might have been like.

Martini Republic notes that the consent decree that has hamstrung the MTA for ten years is finally dead. Now the MTA can get to business in continuing to build a 21st century public transit system, regardless of what the Bus Riders Union says. For more on why this group should not be listened to, click here.

How do you pronounce the name Los Angeles? Neither Tom LeBong or Mayor Villaraigosa get it right. Check out more at LA City Nerd.

The Engineer and Architects Union announced today that it will strike again without notice, if officials refuse to negotiate a new contract. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor agreed earlier this month to support a strike by the Engineers and Architects Association, and that clears the way for other municipal unions to join the job action.

The City Council's regular Friday meeting has been canceled because of funeral services for LAPD Officer Landon Dorris, who was killed Sunday as he investigated a traffic accident.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

David Z Man Zahniser does it again. A great investigative piece on what really happened to Miguel Contreas in his final hours. He was found in a seedy shop in 77th Division. An unknown woman called in the 911 call. This is what movies are made of.

The Final Hours of Miguel Contreras
The 911 call said he went in for a card reading. But the death of the labor leader prompted a prostitution raid. What really went down at the botanica?

October 25, 2006 10:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Who fault is this? Laura Chick N Shit or Clowncil members? The city keep saying they don't have money to give EAA a raise and look at this mess.
LA Slimes
Collection of parking fines is falling short...Motorists owe the city of Los Angeles $164 MILLION in past-due parking tickets and late penalties, officials said Wednesday, sparking a call from some City Council members to investigate potential shortcomings in collection efforts...A contractor is expected to be able to collect $52 million of the ticket fines over the next five years, but the rest may be more difficult to recover, said Linda Aparicio, a spokeswoman for the city Department of Transportation. That would mean up to $112 million might never be collected.

October 26, 2006 8:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

10:47 PM

after reading your post I went to the Weekly website and just finish reading the article. can we say cover up??? What galls me is these people who lionize Miguel, would have the adacity to name a high school for a man who died with a whore. Yet, a true pioneer, Edward Roybal is forgotten. This new breed of "FAR LEFT, MECHA BRED POLITICOS" have chosen to honor a man who many of us would not consider a "ROLE MODEL" for naming a school after.

October 26, 2006 9:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Weekly "PUNKS" Times Again,

once again the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET" has been one-upped on a local story of great importance. The story on the death of County Labor Leader, Miguel Contreras will have serious ranifications for "HIS POLLONESS" and the labor movement in Los Angeles. Coming on the heals of the Times story of the Leland Wong Corruption Trail and the relevations of the "MASSAGE PARLOR" at the "BONEAVENTURE". The labor movement in Los Angeles and the ties to the political machine that is "HIS POLLONESS EMPIRE" needs probing. Questions are many; Why did Martin Ludlow want the Death Cert. sign so quickly at the Hospital? What role did "HIS POLLONESS" have at the hospital. Why did the coroner not conduct a investigation? More important, why did not the "LA ANTONIA TIMES" NOT GIVE THE DETAILS ON THE SETTING OF CONTRERAS DEATH???. With the SEIU 99 Corruption Trail looming, look for some drama from the court room. But don,t expect to se it in the "LA ANTONIA TIMES".

October 26, 2006 12:37 PM  

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