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Monday, October 23, 2006

Doesn't Seem Like The Mayor Is Too Concerned About A Possible EAA Strike, But Zuma Dogg Is

Now that The Mayor is back from Asia, besides meeting new LAUSD Superintendant Admiral Brewer, I would think the pending EAA stike that is right beofre us, would be a major concern. After all, an EAA strike would mean the closures of the Ports of Los Angeles (40% of imported goods to the U.S.), LAX closure (EAA oversees the runways), CSI Crime Lab; building construction would come to a halt and accountant, auditors, and many other City departments would shut the City down.

So when I was expressing my concern with another concerned political activist (on the Mayor's side of most issues) the response was, "When you go on strike, it's to rally public support, and I don't think your average person cares about giving the EAA raises."

My response was, "Public support doesn't apply here, because it's the City's decision alone, and it isn't going to a vote of the people. What about the fact that the ports, airports, CSI labs, building construction (the good kind) and many other departments would come to a halt and shut the City down, with the first EAA strike in 120 years?"

The opponents response was, "The ports and airports are TOO IMPORTANT. A Judge would order them back to work in about two hours after a strike."

Yeah, that shows how important these EAA workers are. Plus, that sounds like the EAA is being unfairly penalized to their right to strike, as sanctioned by the LA Labor Federation last week, for being TOO important. (Then they should be treated as such.)

And ZD says the Mayor is playing politics and playing games on this one. See the LA Daily News front-page story (www.DailyNews.com) about the City stepping in on behalf of hotel workers (and that is a private matter), so please settle this 2004 City contract that is almost due to expire and the next one on deck. I don't think the Mayor's homie Arnold would be too happy with this mess falling into the State's (and Nation's) lap a week before the elections.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

U go Dog! We need you running EAA instead of that clown Aquino. In your short little post you made the argument for the relevance of EAA - something windbag Aquino's counter productive tactics haven't been able to accomplish in years of trying.

October 23, 2006 3:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That funny the post sounded as if ZD is Aquino.

October 24, 2006 9:20 AM  

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