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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Republicans: Walter Is Not Your Man

GOPTonight, the Republican Party of Los Angeles County will be meeting, among other things, to consider an endorsement of Walter Moore's candidacy for Mayor.

This would be a mistake. Walter is not a pro-business Republican and he is trying to ride the issue of illegal immigration into the hearts and minds of the last bastions of the "silent majority."

Do not be fooled. Republicans would invite sufficient egg on their face to connect themselves to this guy. I don't think the party can endorse pro-business, moderate candidates like Hertzberg or Parks because they are registered Democrats, but they would do well as Republicans to support either one. They don't need to join the lovable but wacko Hal Netkin if they want to be taken seriously as an alternative political force in Los Angeles. But its likely Moore won't pick up the endorsement because as our tipster has told us, it looks like Moore's supporters goofed the petition request (see below).
Tonight is the regular meeting of the RPLAC at 7-9 PM with Bill Simon and it includes the Agenda Item, "Clarification of Local Endorsement Procedures".

However, per the bylaws, 10 members signed a petition calling for a special meeting at 8 PM tonight under article VII, Section 4 of the RPLAC bylaws with Item 5, "Endorsement of a Republican Candidate for Mayor of the City of Los Angeles"

The meeting is presumably on, as it was signed by 10 RPLAC Executive Committee Members:

James McCutcheon (CD35), Wayne Miller (CD34), Julius Wilson (CD36), Barbara Ferraro (AD 54), Vernon Brown (SD25), John Nunn (CD46), Gladys Miller (AD50), Carl Davis Jr. (AD51), Henry Eicher (AD53) and Cheryl Liddle (SD28).

Undersigned is a petition to endorse Walter Moore signed by 8 County Central Committee members--it requires 10, but lines 1 and 9 were left blank. (oops!)
The Los Angeles County Republican Party would do best to start getting it's act together, educating the public on conservative policies, become more relevant to young people and minorities, and start grooming some candidates to run for school board, City Council, etc. so we can actual have a decent candidate for Mayor down the road. Instead, they play games and sit around waiting for the second coming of Richard Nixon, which isn't going to happen.

Otherwise they can continue to enjoy their minority status within Los Angeles.


Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

Okay, then this is probably a conflict for a Republicans (not than any of them suffer from this). But I still want to extend a special invitation for any Dems in "need" tonight. Each Wed. is "AA" night at all "sleazy bars" in CD14. That's "AA" as in "Anonymous ANTONIO-holics" (not the other AA). They're similar, but this one takes 14 steps, not 12. It even sounds about the same as you walk in: "Hi, I'm Kimmie and I'm an ANTONIO-holic." (HI, KIMMIE). "I know I shouldn't vote for him again, I know he's not saying anything new, and doesn't mean any of the promises. But I heard part of one of the debates replayed, and when he gives that 50+ boyish smile and starts in on his 'I love this city' stuff. . ."

There aren't as many people in the program as we'd like, but so far the success rate is high -- approaching 81 percent. Stop in if you're still having problems (pick any sleazy bar, from Boyle Heights to Eagle Rock, but skip Mt. Washington). Tell them ADVĀ® and his broken campaign promises drove you to drink, but if they're pouring Cline Zinfandel, you're in the wrong place.

February 16, 2005 5:16 PM  

Anonymous Aushawn said:

*** NEWSFLASH! ***

SacramentoNighties doesn't like Antonio! SacramentoChonies doesn't like Villaraigosa!

This posting was about Republicans and Walter Moore. NOT Villaraigosa! I just started coming on this website and I already know that you're not a fan of his work. The topic can be hot rods and wrestling, and somehow you'll make Villaraigosa a point of the conversation. Please for the sake of everybody's sanity, keep your Antonio bashing in Antonio-related topics.

That way when people want to read about Villaraigosa and why people like/hate him, they know where to go. Not so that people can begin to wonder about how Walter Moore doesn't fit in with the Republican party and then deal with your Compulsive Villaraigosa Bashing Syndrome (CVBS).

February 16, 2005 10:39 PM  

Anonymous Moore is Better! said:

The L.A. County Republican Party FINALLY did take a vote on endorsing Walter Moore for Mayor. It took only five months and a call for a special meeting to get the endorsement vote agendized because some of the officers have a problem with following the bylaws- so much for the party of law and order!

Walter did not get the required two-thirds vote. The outcome was not a surprise considering that some of the members speaking in opposition of the motion to endorse Walter are secretly supporting Bob Hertzberg for Mayor!

Bill Wyatt made an appearance and spoke for two minutes, but he could not be considered for an endorsement because no County Central Committee members were brave or stupid enough to get any ten members or a majority of their Assembly District Committee members to sign the petition for endorsement. Walter had a majority of his Assembly District Committee sign the petition.

The only reason that Walter did not get the endorsement is that the L.A. County Republican Party leadership does not consider Walter to be one of their "boys" that they can control. Walter will prevail without them and despite them.

February 17, 2005 12:40 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Aushawn, I'm sure if SN were here and not at some imaginary meeting he would apologize for delaying you by 1.5 seconds in your quest to read/post about Wacko Walter. But then, you didn't really post about that topic, either. Yours was more of an anti-anti-Villaraigosa post.

So far, only Walter himself stayed on topic. I guess this makes 3 out of 4 posts on this item NOT about Walter and his plans to prevail over his own party's disinterest (there, that almost qualifies).

February 17, 2005 4:46 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sorry Mayor Sam, there really ins't a chance that local Republicans will ever do more than "continue to enjoy their minority status within Los Angeles." The best they can hope for is to choke it back and help form some kind of superminority coalition with some independents and more moderate Dems to keep the city from falling off the far-left, ultraliberal end of the planet under the control of candidates like -- (better not say his name here).

February 17, 2005 5:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The above comment is more "leftist drivel." We Republicans are the only ones safeguarding the City's budget! Without our whining and blogging, the bleeding heart liberals would have their way with us like a cheap hooker! Right Sam?

February 17, 2005 8:15 AM  

Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

Why be coy, MAYOR SAM (see, I can blog about something other than -- that - one - candidate). Which candidate SHOULD good, mainstream Republicans support -- you mention two, why not narrow it down more? Or would it be better to sit this one out and wait for the next bus, while concentrating on smaller, more local positions?

That - one - candidate's supporters on this blog seem to think the GOP can be wholly discounted from this race, and won't be a factor in what will probably be a tight race, even with anywhere from 15-25 percent of the final vote (depending on turnout).

February 17, 2005 9:49 AM  

Anonymous Kimmie said:

I keep saying that someone is listening to my phone conversations and this post is proof.

See you at the sleaziest club I can find in Eagle Rock next Wednesday.

February 18, 2005 12:37 AM  

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