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Monday, October 21, 2019

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Monday

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group brings you the latest on the current Political Intrigue from Pasadena, Commerce and as always, 200 N. Spring Street.
Political Intrigue radiates in all directions from 200 N. Spring Street.
** Blogger's Notes: A Bloggin Disclaimer .........., please note that when cyber-postings are lacking (like last week), the reasons can be found in the details below. 
From 200 N. Spring Street and radiated in many directions beyond the boundaries of Ciudad de Los Angeles, there is a need to fill the informational vacuum regarding the ceaseless amount of Political Intrigue meriting reporting.
The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has sought information regarding potential scoops reported to us and we endeavor to provide timely updates on our findings ........., despite official efforts to deny Transparency.  
Below, we provide updates on topics originating from the City of Commerce, City of Pasadena ......, and as always, 200 N. Spring Street----Scott Johnson.
City of Commerce: The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has received a response from the City of Commerce to a California Public Records Act (CPRA) Request, seeking documentation pertaining to an alleged Contracted Agreement (for Security Services) with a person identified as Reynaldo Uribe. 
As noted via the Hews Media Group, Uribe (the Husband of Montebello Unified School District Member Marisol Madrigal Uribe), was allegedly retained/appointed the "Bodyguard" for Commerce Mayor John Soria in the aftermath of a physical altercation that took place last May in Riverside County.  
In response to our CPRA Request, the Commerce Asst. City Clerk sent the following statement pictured below .........., with our follow up forthcoming.
Mayor Sam Sister City News Group CPRA Request.
City of Commerce Response to CPRA Request regarding "Reynaldo Uribe". 
City of Pasadena: The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has been tipped off to a possible "misuse of municipal resources", involving a very high-ranking Pasadena City Hall Official. In the coming days, we will report details of our request (and response) for documentation pertaining to an alleged incident that took place "outside" the boundaries of the City of Roses.
Pasadena City Hall.
200 N. Spring Street: The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group is/has filed multiple CPRA Requests with multiple City Departments, seeking documents pertaining to various scoops provided by our readers (to be detailed later in the week). You can also be a part of our interactive endeavor by either emailing us at redspotincd14@yahoo.com or via phone at (323) 213-0149----S.J.
........., for being the Openness and Transparency Poster Politico. 

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