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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Hot Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Has a now, Ex CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Staffer, join ranks with the notorious former Bell Gardens City Councilman (now Political Consultant) Mario Beltran, to blunt the Mayoral Aspirations of the Special Interests-owned, Career Politico, after his former Boss refused to bail him out (literally), for alleged, work-related misconduct?
The former "One Bill Gil", now CD-1 City Councilman "Broken Deal Cedillo".
** Blogger's Note: We are three years away from the 2022 Mayoral Campaign to replace Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBing, but the skirmishing between the possible (actually, very likely) Latino Candidates, CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" and former Calizuela State Senate "Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon the First", is playing out ......., in mysterious ways (allegedly).

The CD-1 Officeholder and former Political/Campaign Confidante Mario Beltran, have had a bitter falling out, in the aftermath of Beltran's role in former Cedillo's Daughter-in-Law Angie Jimenez successful Campaign for Montebello City Council ......., and current CD-14/2022 Mayoral Candidate K.A. Leon (with Beltran's help), is exploiting the rift.
Its an open (and documented) secret that the notorious Southeast LA Political Miscreant (and now Consultant), is seeking revenge against the Cedillo Machine, by having his budding Southeast LA Political Machine underlings, donate to K.A. Leon's Campaign(s) and hiring disgruntle, Ex Cedillo Staffers ..........., with alleged "legal issues"? 
The Mayor Sam Blog is investigating whether a former CD-1 Staffer (now an alleged employee of Beltran's Political Consulting Company), was involved in misappropriate conduct (in a city vehicle), which necessitated his termination from he/she's position. More later.  
Embattled City Attorney (and AB-109 Co-author) Mike Feuer.
It was reason enough, that the former Calizuela Assemblyman Co-Author of AB-109, not be consider Mayoral Tender, via his responsibility for releasing, supposed "Low Level, Non Violent, Non-Revocable Paroles" onto the streets, where they have become a major part of the Homeless Crisis (when not killing members of Law Enforcement).
But in the continuing fallout of his Office's alleged, corrupt handling of the dropped, DWP/PriceWaterhouseCooper Lawsuit, we simply ask ..........., where is Nuch?
The former 2020 CD-14 City Council Candidate #Richellary2020 (Huizar).
Just when you thought that #Richellary2020 was a distant (but still litigious) memory, the fine cast at the Michael Kohlhass Blog, attempts to digs into another cache of inconvenient truths ......., but not without dubious legal push back. 
The Office of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (who attended Princeton University), is notorious for finding the most minute excuse, not to comply with California Public Records Requests and the Michael Kohlhass Blog's request for Emails between #Richellary2020 and her husbands Staff ......., met with the same resistance (as noted below).
So given her years-long embroilment in the ongoings at City Hall, and given the fact that everyone does everything by email these days, I thought it would be illuminating to take a look at these records. But alas, it was not to be. Jose Huizar staffer Isaiah Calvin eventually handed over a pathetic 51 pages of material, insanely redacted, obviously exceedingly, ludicrously incomplete. 

........, and soon after, Isaiah Calvin was "Disappeared" from Councilman Huizar's Contact List. To be continue-----Scott Johnson.

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