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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and beyond) Political Machine for Hump Day

City Watch LA Writer and Civic Activist Jack Humphreville keyboards a timely missive regarding Loa Angeles City Hall's alleged (and documented) issues regarding Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Employee Conduct, that included an installation of a "Love Door" and Community Amenity Fund-financed Pay Raises ........, for "Services Rendered".   
Congratulations Again ......., to Jack Humphreville for TIMELY disclosing the infamous "Love Door" at LA City Hall.
** Blogger's Notes: In lieu of City Watch LA's Jack Humphreville's TIMELY missive regarding Los Angeles City Hall's own alleged (and documented) issues regarding Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Workplace Conduct, we ponder when (hopefully NOT if) California Democratic Party Chairperson Eric Bauman, is going to have a "Assemblyman Raul Pervynegra-like, Heart to Heart Conversation" with a certain "Princeton Graduate, Officeholder", after reading this excerpt from Humphreville's missive. 

There is also the high-profile case of Councilman Jose Huizar (photo right) and the litigation filed by his well-paid (actually deputy) chief of staff alleging sexual harassment.  While Huizar eventually acknowledged the affair, the terms of the settlement were not made public even though the staffer received extraordinary raises and promotions, that the City paid for the “love door” between their offices, that hanky-panky is rumored to have occurred on City property, and that campaign or office holder funds may have been used to pay for clandestine rendezvous

BTW, is there a certain "Journalist, turned aspiring Establishment Politico", who might have some "inside insight" on these issues?
Montebello Unified School District Board Member (and NOW Commerce City Administrator Edgar Cisneros "Proud Papi Moment Photo" of Son urinating.
** The following from the iconic Huntington Park/Southeast LA Civic Watchdog "Classic WatchOurCity"Facebook Page, became a reality last night in the City of Commerce.. 

Breaking News: City of Commerce now under "corruption watch". "Why?", you ask. It's a new council majority and the puppeteers have a For Sale sign on high level jobs, including City Manager and City Attorney. They just fired the City Attorney and the City Manager position has been opened for sometime, including the finance director. Now, watch the corruption ensue. No se hagan de la vista larga. It's there.

The Commerce City Council voted 4-1 in Closed Session to hire the Calderon/Chacon Political Machine-connected Montebello Unified School District Board Member Edgar Cisneros as its City Administrator. One observer opined that this was in part, NEW City Councilman John Soria's "Pay Back" to Board Member Cisneros, for hosting two fundraisers during his successful City Council Campaign. More later ........
The now FAMOUS Victorious ABC Unified School District Board Candidate H. Ernie Nishii Campaign Mailer Malfunction.
** Disregarding momentary the "Spin" of a local, DOCUMENTED purveyor of FAKE NEWS (and his brethren in the National Media), yesterday's Election results were NOT a complete loss for Republicans, especially NEW ABC Unified School District Board Member H. Ernie Nishii. Despite a badly-timed, Campaign Mailer Malfunction, the first time Political Candidate, defeated incumbent Board Member (and LA County Board of Supervisor Janice Hahn Staffer) Lynda Johnson------Scott Johnson.

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