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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Wendy Carrillo's Educational Misadventures with Marcos Aguilar?

On the eve of the next 51st Assembly District (AD) Special Election Candidate Forum at the Sotomayor Learning Center, the Mayor Sam Blog discloses links between Wendy Carrillo and CONTROVERSIAL Charter School Educator/Indoctrination Marcos Aguilar, as the Luis Lopez Campaign (along with former LAUSD School Board Member Bennett Kayser) condemns her recent disparaging remarks about Public School Teachers.
Information regarding tomorrow's (Wednesday 11-15-17) 51st AD Special Election Candidate Forum at the Sotomayor Learning Center.
** Blogger's Notes: FINALLY!! The gloves are coming off in the 51st Assembly District Special Election Runoff between the Homegrown Progressive Luis Lopez and the CADEM Establishment/Special Interests United-financed Wendy Carrillo ........, just in time to add some spice to manana's Candidate Forum at the Sotomayor Learning Center.
In recent days, 51st AD Voters have been the recipient of phone calls from Carrillo Campaign that attack Lopez for his alleged ties to Corporate Medicine and Big Pharma (a dubious charge).
Meanwhile, the Lopez Campaign crafted the following Mailer (pictured below) that repudiate (with contributing testimonial from former LAUSD School Board Member Bennett Kayser) recent disparaging comments via Carrillo that targeted Public School Teachers.

Considering that Carrillo's "Dumb Teachers Comments" are now a CAMPAIGN ISSUE, its only fair to ask the anointed CADEM Establishment/Special Interests United Candidate, who is her example of an esteem Educator ..........., and could that "Facilitator of Learning" be ..........., the NOTORIOUS Marcos Aguilar? 
The Mayor Sam Blog took notice via a photo (posted below) from Marcos Aguilar's Facebook Page, that Carrillo was alleedly with the Charter School Educator (along with school staff and students) at the Keeping the Home Fires Burning Conference in Arizona last weekend. In addition, Carrillo and Aguilar are seen on the page conversing and sharing lie-minded sentiments.
That stated, its fair to ask the following questions of the aspiring Assembly Candidate.
FIRST, is your interactions with Aguilar (an ally/supporter of DISGRACED LAUSD School Board Member Ref Rodriguez) an endorsement of Charter Schools?
SECOND, do you support a Charter School Educator who's associate attempted to RUN OVER a Reporter?
Third, do you support a lucrative, One Percent, Charter School Educator, who engaged in an alleged "Pay to Avoid Inspector General Accountability Scheme"?
FOURTH, do you support a lucrative One Percent, Charter School Educator, who's High School Charter was REVOKED by LAUSD (with, THEN Board Member Kayser in favor of revocation), the Los Angeles County Board of Education, before "Political Intervention (via Jimmy Gomez and Kevin Alexander Leon?)" in Sacramento overruled the decisions of the local entities?
FIFTH, do you support a Charter School that uses VILE RACISM to attacks those questioning their ethical and lawful operations?  
LASTLY, should taxpayers ask questions why a Charter School Staff and Students are attending a Conference at an Arizona Resort (think the state's immigration policy), considering that the school's MOST recent 990 Tax Forms (2016) shows an OPERATING DEFICIT of $528,035 .........., a fact worthy of auditing by the Inspector General, again-----Scott Johnson.
Wendy Carrillo's Dumb Teacher Comments.
Wendy's Arizona Misadventures with Marcos Aguilar?

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