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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sara Hernandez: Standing Up to Donald Trump ......., while KNEELING before "Tonto Huizar" for Endorsement?

While 34th Congressional District Candidate Sara Hernandez touts her Anti-Bully Educator Qualifications, the former CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffer (and apparent recipient of her Ex Boss'es ENDORSEMENT), is the SUBJECT of our latest Bloggin Teachable Moment on HYPOCRISY in campaigning ......., with supporting documentation via Michael "MEAT" Trujillo, the Pasadena PD and Francine Godoy-Soto. 
This Sara Hernandez Testimonial is STRONGLY approved by the "Tonto Huevon of CD-14".
Unlike Pinto in Animal House, Sara Hernandez was a willing ENABLER for her "Tonto Political Diablo" ....... while ignoring "Angel Francine's (Godoy-Soto) alleged, Harassment Testimonial".
** Blogger's Notes: Happy Hump Day before next Tuesday's 34th Congressional District Special Election as we present .........., a SPECIAL BLOGGIN TEACHABLE MOMENT, featuring alleged Anti-Bully Educator (and former CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Enabling Staffer), now Congressional Candidate Sara Hernandez.
As the aspiring Congressional Candidate seeks to promote herself as the Classroom-trained Choice to deal with the supposed "Bully President Donald Trump", in the place of NOW, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, we list the following questions below regarding behavioral situations that could take place in a Classroom/Campus, CD-14 City Council Office, during a Re-election Campaign ......., or at a Ole Town Pasadena Spa (allegedly).

First, how would you insure that a classroom not become a hostile environment, which becomes the future inspiration for a "100 Ex Student List" ........, kinda like the "100 Ex CD-14 Staffer Resignation Society (that you are a member of)
Second, is the targeting, yelling and degrading of a female student by a Uber-bully Male, appropriate behavior ....., kinda like a certain CD-14 Officeholder at a National Night Out Event
Third, how would you deal with a Male Student who create a Special Doorway/Hideaway for a "Female of Interest" on campus ........., kinda like a City Councilman who created a "Quicky Door" for his Female Deputy Chief of Staff (allegedly)?
Fourth, as an Educator, what actions you take if a female co-worker was be given Pay Raises denied to others because of her "CLOSENESS" to a Male Boss ........., kinda like the Pay Raises awarded to a former CD-14 Scheduler/Deputy Chief of Staff?  
Fifth, would you seek the expulsion of a student who produce a email that insinuated the shooting of a fellow classmate ..........., kinda like the INFAMOUS, "Bullet between the Eyes Email" that cause the Termination of a certain CD-14 City Councilman Campaign Manager
Sixth, would you take action if a male student was engaging in an "occasional relationship/harassment" with a classroom female counterpart ........, kinda like the supposed "Consensual Relationship", admitted to by a City Council Officeholder, in response to a Sexual Harassment Claim
LASTLY, how can a Congressional Candidate be taken SERIOUSLY when she calls the President of the United States a Bully, while promoting the ENDORSEMENT of a former Boss who had been the SUBJECT/SUSPECT in a 2005 Sexual Harassment/Assault Complaint in Pasadena .........., kinda like the Subject of our SPECIAL BLOGGING TEACHABLE MOMENT in POLITICAL HYPOCRISY, SARA HERNANDEZ----Scott Johnson.
Has President Donald J. Trump ever been the DOCUMENTED, "Subject/Suspect" of alleged Jose Luis Huizar-like Spa Behavior?
Pasadena Police Department Statement on 2005 Spa Incident involving a Jose Luis Huizar.
Former terminated 2011 Jose Huizar For City Council Campaign Manager Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo.
Page One of Michael Trujillo's 2011 "Bullet Between the Eyes Email", targeting then City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez.

Page Two.

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