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Friday, October 28, 2016

October Surprise!! FBI to REOPEN Hillary Email Investigation

In a MAJOR, 2016 Presidential Campaign News, embattled FBI Director James Comey announced via Letter to Congress, that the much-criticized Investigation into Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server (and its contents), has been formally REOPEN. 
The now "Antonio Villargovea" on the Breaking News regarding the FBI's Reopening of Hillary Clinton's Email Investigation: "The Abuela Mentirosa can't eat away her Email Troubles".
** Blogger's Note: In an October Political Blockbuster/Surprise, embattled FBI Director James Comey has notified Congressional Leaders that the Nation's top Law Enforcement Agency has formally REOPEN its Investigation of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server (and its contents). Today's extraordinary announcement comes on the heals of the damaging Wikileaks Emails Dumps that outed President Barack "H" Obama's embellishment to the American Public regarding his knowledge of then, Secretary of State Clinton's Private Email Server ......., and a Clinton's Staffer Cheryl Mills's email which cites the "need to clean up" this controversy----Scott Johnson. 
FBI Director James Comey's Letter to Congress on Reopening Hillary's Email Investigation.
President Obama's Lies about Hillary's Email Server.

Hillary's Staffer Cheryl Mills Email.
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