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Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Special Message from former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar(formerly raigosa ......, now govea)

As a bloggin Public Service (with added satire), we share this "Ahhh ......, Special Message", from former Los Angeles Failure Mayor Antonio Villar(formerly Raigosa, now Govea), on the importance of registering (and the dead remaining able) to vote in the upcoming November Elections.
Antonio Villar(then raigosa) commenting on Hillary: "She can delete Tacos as fast as Emails".
Ahhhh, Dear Voter (alive and dead), 
With Donald Trump still dangerously (or Hillary fraudulently close to a RIGGED) victory, Californians must step up and respond as one community to protect our families, friends and neighbors and make sure this very clearly (media-crafted) deranged person (in reality, my formerly "City Terrace Tony Persona" at "The Venice Room") is not elected to lead our nation. Whether it’s Trump calling (some) Mexicans rapists and criminals (while I created a toilet-cleaned, Sanctuary City for them), calling for the deportation of over 11 million people (as I enforced Special Order 40 protecting illegal criminals who kill the likes of Jamiel Shaw Jr.) or calling for a wall on the border (kinda like my proposed wall around Getty House to keep out the Peons). Donald Trump has proven time and again that he’s not fit to be Commander-in-Chief (better example being my lack of fitness to be a Obama Cabinet Member).
This election is too important to let any friend or family member stay home — please make sure your friends, family and colleagues ....... (plus dead family members) remain/registered to vote. The last day to register to vote in California is this Monday, October 24.
How we Democrats make sure your VOTE count ........., in rigging Elections. 
You can register online (with associate "Nativo" waiting to "process" your registration) – right now and right HERE (my Roosevelt High School 1.4 GPA Grammer withstanding) . Just click this LINK (and come Election Day, a paid Homeless Person will be bused in to vote, allegedly)  .
Let’s do this right now: you can forward this email (now bloggin satire missive) to friends, post on Facebook or Twitter, hit the phones (visit grave sites) and start talking to friends and neighbors (while Hillary channels Eleanor Roosevelt for her vote) . Let’s make sure to get our community (including the newly interned at my favorite Evergreen Cemetery Precinct) registered to vote before the deadline on Monday, October 24.
The direct link to use is http://registertovote.ca.gov. Please share it widely.
This election is not just about the presidential race; there are a number of down ballot races – as well as 17 statewide ballot initiatives (taxes, taxes and more freed criminals galore). Your vote can make all the difference and will help determine the future of our (one-party) state and our globalist nation (for sale at the Clinton Foundation).
Make sure your friends and family are registered to vote, don’t forget to turn in your absentee ballot if you have one and, most of all, don’t forget to vote Tuesday, November 8. 
Antonio Villaraigosagovea
Antonio's former Fenced-in (with Sanchas) Getty House.

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