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Monday, October 17, 2016

A Mid-day Note on the Los Angeles Political Machine's "Fishwrap of Choice" for Monday

As Los Angeles County Absentee Ballots arrive at the homes of Register Voters, we bloggin endeavor to provide our cyber audience with objective, factually-based Elections-related missives, contrary to the censoring, Democratic Establishment, Propaganda Newsprint/Kitty Box Liner Producer on Spring Street (ie. The LA Times).                             
LA County Mail In Ballots coming to a Home (and local Cemetery, allegedly) near you. 
The Aftermath of Imploding Journalistic Integrity on Spring Street.
** Blogger's Note: Great late morning to all as an early Fall rain shower gives way to MAN-caused soothing sunshine.
Bluntly, there is so much local political chisme to keyboard upon ........., and unlike the supposed Newsprint/Kitty Box Liner of Record on Spring Street, we don't CENSOR links to stories that inform the electorate on the TRUTH, 
We bloggin love meshing humor, mixed with our healthy sardonic, cynical musings on the actions undertaken by those affiliated in any way with the local One Party-dominating Political Establishment, as exampled by "Lil Mikey Gatto" and a DOCUMENTED, certain "Subject of Interest" in a 2005 Pasadena Sexual Assault Case. 
That stated, we are becoming increasingly humorless ......, and alarmed, regarding the growing censorship/agenda- based reporting taking place within the once-sacred catacombs of supposed (and constitutionally-protected) objective journalism ........... especially on Spring Street. 
Once a Republican and anti-Labor Fishwrap in the early Twentieth Century (that was bombed in 1910 by fanantic unionists, as shown in the photo above), the Twenty-first Century incarnation of the once Chandler Family-owned publication, has journalistic devolved into a circulation-reducing West Coast "Old Gray Hag" emulator of the "Old Gray Lady (aka. New York Times)", in espousing the Democrat Party Establishment's latest factually-devoided Talking Points. 
Yet unlike New York, which still has a journalistic-healthy diversity of newspapers, the average, discerning Los Angeles resident has suffered from a lack of choice, especially with the lost of the Hearst Family-owned Los Angeles Herald-Examiner in 1989, with the LA Daily News under Ron Kaye's Editorial Direction, becoming the counter-balance, Newspaper of Record, in challenging the local Political Machine.
Sadly, with Kaye's retirement, Los Angeles lost a leading figure in espousing for a discerning, challenging, truth-driven and INDEPENDENT journalistic entity that placed objective reporting before political preference, in documenting nefarious, ethical-challenging actions within local entities.
Instead, as witness with the recent online and printed products originating from Spring Street, supposed journalism has now become mere regurgitation of Democratic Establishment Spin, with high-octane, anti-Donald Trump rantings, ceaseless column inches devoted to alleged, Bad Cops, scientifically-questionable missives regarding MAN-caused Climate Change ..........., while being devoid of coverage on the scandalous Emails, that expose the corruption via Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. 
Objectively, we should state that we have shared story tips with certain LA Times Scribes who still practice the basic tenants of "Who, What, Where, When, How and Why Journalism" taught in college J-1 Classes, in the recent past. 
But as evident in the 2016 Presidential Elections, many supposed Newspapers of Record, have taking a "bulldozer of subjectivity" and demolished the walls separating the alleged, objective newsrooms and the subjective Editorial Boards ..........., with the net result being the pending Death of Journalism, with adverse connotations for informed, Free Elections.
Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD-14

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