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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

As the Liberal, Main Stream Media (MSM) fixates its attention on a "Trumped-up Plagiarism Controversy", Jamiel Shaw Sr. states the BLUNT TRUTH regarding the horror of "Illegal Alien Brown on Black Violence", that took the life of his namesake Son, on the Opening Night of the 2016 Republican Party Convention.
Jamiel Shaw Sr. speaking at the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
** With no apologies to the Talking Point-repeating cronies of the local Democratic Party Establishment Machine, we interrupt your tired attempt to echo the Main Stream Media's "Trumped-up Plagiarism Controversy", to give Witness, via the emotional testimony of a grieving Father, on the Inconvenient Truth that is the on-going "Brown on Black/Black on Brown Gang Violence" that took the life of Jamiel Shaw Jr.
A city, state and country, that has been fixated on a supposed epidemic of alleged Police-instigated killings of young Black Americans (along with the Terrorist-like attacks , targeting Law Enforcement), would find it wise to review the emotional Testimonial of Jamiel Shaw Sr. 
Blunting, young men of color (along with innocent bystanders) are still dying in South LA, due to an up-string in ethnic-rooted gang violence ......., and NOT because of targeted Police Killings.
The FACT that Jamiel Shaw Jr. at the hands of a Illegal Alien Gang Member, who should of been deported or placed on an "ICE Hold" (a protocol supported by the likes of Gloria Molina), is a Policy Issue that merits a "color-blind discussion", not muted due to Political Correctness ..........., as evident via the silence of Public Officials regarding "Brown and Black/Black on Brown Violence".
CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar a still-smoldering Da Vinci Complex Fire
** The LA Weekly (aka "The Weedleaf of Record") was timely (Sunday before the RNC Convention) in outing controversial Downtown Developer  Geoff Palmer's "Financial Support" of Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign. 
While Scribe Hillel Aron practice due diligence via incorporating pertinent links to Palmer's past controversial developer antics, missing is any mention of his "favorite PLUM Committee Chairperson", who showed more haste in urging a swift investigation of the Palmer-owned Da Vinci Complex Fire ........in comparison to the racially-motivated Fire Bombings of African American Families.  
Former KRLA 870 AM Radio Host Randy Economy with ex. CD 3 City Councilman Dennis Zine.
** Former KRLA 870 AM Radio Host Randy Economy is currently in Cleveland, Ohio as an official California GOP Delegate. You can view his musings from Ground Zero of the pending Donald Trump Official Nomination as the Republican Party challenger to Hillary Clinton by linking here.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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