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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive: LA-32 NC attempts to Approve Fiscal Year 16/17 Budget without Community Input

In yet another Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the LA-32 Neighborhood Council's Open and Transparency-challenged attempt to Approve a Fiscal Year 2016/17 Budget without Stakeholder Review of the actual Document.
 I, LA-32 NC President Jen Markewych (on right in photo above), pledge to use ALL loopholes in denying Stakeholders the right to review the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget, especially if it helps funds Councilman Huizar and crony's Pet Projects, allegedly. 
** Blogger's Note: It a Breaking News Exclusive, Mayor Sam has been made aware of a Special Meeting this evening where the Councilman Jose Huizar uber-controlled LA-32 Neighborhood Council will again document its Open and Transparency-challenged proclivities in approving a Fiscal Year 2016/17 Budget without ample time for Stakeholder Review. Speculation is that money is to be allocated for Councilman Huizar's Parade and Firework Show from funds originally allocated for The Beacon Newspaper. To be continued.----Scott Johnson.
From the LA-32 NC President.

Happy Monday! Attached is the agenda for the special meeting of the General Board. It will be at 6pm tomorrow at Absolute Towing, 4760 Valley Blvd. For those of you who haven't been there, Absolute Towing is nice enough to let us use their conference room for special meetings. I'll try to keep the meeting as brief as possible, but there are a few items that we need to attend to before the changing of the fiscal year (like the WHOLE budget?). I assure you that special meetings won't be a regular habit (unless the Councilman requires it). Please make every effort to attend as we will need quorum. Also, if you haven't done your financial training yet, please do so as it's mandatory to vote on financial items. Thank you so much for your efforts!Most sincerely,Jen MarkewychPresidentLA32 Neighborhood Council

How can you garner Stakeholder Input on a Fiscal Yeat Budget when only allocating 30 minutes for a Special Budget and Finance Committee Meeting?
Page One of tonight's LA-32 NC Special Meeting.
Page Two of tonight's LA-32 NC Special Meeting Agenda. Please note the absence of a Fiscal Year 16/17 Budget Draft for Stakeholder Review.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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