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Sunday, December 13, 2015

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

From "Boy Wonder Republican Consultant (with help of Daddy's Money?)" who managed an Upstart Barrister into the One-term incarnation of City Attorney Carman Trutanich (before turning on him), John Thomas has now been relegated to consulting the likes of Central Basin Water District Bad Boy Art Chacon, damned the potential ethical consequences. 
John Thomas with his California Alliance Group Teammates.

** Pardon the bloggin pause .............., but isn't that the former "Boy Wonder Republican Campaign Consultant" John Thomas, standing behind (and to the right) of infamous Southeast LA Political Operative Hector Chacon, his partner in FPPC-sanctioning campaign practices, Paul Fickas ........, and former California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante?

It was not long ago that Thomas was channel surfing the local Talk Radio Sound Waves, as he parleyed his "role" in the now former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich upset of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar's "Lap Dog (the inspiration for of one of the classic hit pieces)" Jack Weiss, into numerous Talk Show appearances (including a regular gig on the KRLA 870 AM Kevin James Program).

Yet in Los Angeles, your successful political consulting yesterday, will only grant you access to other opportunities (especially when daddy's resources can no longer open doors),  as long as your record of victories, helps to mask glaring defeats (unless you are Michael Trujillo, but we digress) .

Maybe that is why after his dumping by the Kevin James Mayoral Campaign and his role in the trouncing of Elan Carr, by now 33rd District Congressman Ted Lieu, that Thomas joined on with the new cross-party Consulting Firm, fronted by Bustamante, Fickas and Chacon.

This new partnership has already paid off for Thomas as he was given the task to ensure that the Chacon Political Family's infamous Bad Boy, Art Chacon was reelected to the Central Basin Water District. 

But we hope for Thomas sake, that he seriously ponders his new relationship with the Chacon Political Family, especially if its found in the short term, that he has adopted the documented Chacon-consulted campaign proclivities of not reporting finances in the required ........., and legal manner.

After all, the "Elan Carr for Supervisor Campaign" does not need any inconvenient connections to a repudiated (and FPPC-sanctioned) Political Family (whoops!).

** Zelda goes Profane: We have to state our unabridged displeasure at the derisive comments directed at Hollywood Highland Blogger John Walsh, by the uber-petulant "Observing West LA and the demise of the Times Blogger" Kevin "Westside White Guy (WWG)" Roderick. Walsh was his patented self as he addressed the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, which resulted in a violation of Brown Act Protocols, when the former Child Star named "Zelda", now LA County Supervisor Sheila "Free Speech Mocking" Kuehl, called Walsh ......., an A..hole. The fact that Zelda was in violation of the Brown Act, was glossed over by the "WWG" ......., but then glossing over the truth is nothing new for the "WWG" , especially when keyboarding a certain glossy, shallow puff piece on a "Failure Pop Star Mayor".

** The Ratepayer Advocate (or lack of) in a Pickel?: What is the use of a DWP Ratepayer Advocate (who is well compensated) if he is unwilling to espouse on behalf of those he was hire to represent? Village to Village Blogger Paul Hatfield is of the same opinion as he take Fred Pickel to task for just that.

No one ever said being a public advocate of any sort is easy.  Speaking frankly will subject you to the ire of officials.  It might even result in the loss of your appointment. That’s the risk an advocate must take if the public’s interest  is to be served. If you are risk-averse, it is not the right career choice. Pickel does not get it. He should offer to take a cut in pay and work for a real advocate, one who can energize the public. Without public pressure, the status quo at the DWP will continue.

** We have a bloggin Jim Alger sighting (but don't light any matches)!!: Former Mayor Sam Blogger Jim Alger is back in the news ........., or reporting on the impact of the under-reported Porter Ranch Natural Gas Leak, which has prompted the relocation of numerous families. Alger who many credit for helping in leading the fight to craft the MOU Agreement between the Neighborhood Councils and DWP, notes the pro-active role the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council played in mobilizing support for families (including his own) affected by the gas release.

44 Days after the leak was first detected the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council held an epic meeting bringing together stakeholders, local groups and an alphabet soup of local, state and federal agencies to well over 1,000 members of the community in a standing room only meeting. There were the usual people you would expect, Councilman Mitch Englander, representatives from the Mayor’s office, Senator Pavley’s office (who ironically was attending the Global Warming conference in Paris with the mayor), Assemblyman Wilk’s office, and other politicos. But this wasn’t a feel good meeting. Also present and on stage were So Cal Gas, LA County Health Dept, LA County Fire, LA City Fire, South Coast  Air Quality Management District (AQMD), Division of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), California Air Resources Board (CARB), California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and LA City Emergency Management. Everyone that could give the community information on this ongoing crisis to a frightened community

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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