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Monday, December 07, 2015

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

In the aftermath of the recent City of Montebello City Council and School Board Elections, the Commerce Casino may need to reevaluate its longtime relationship with the infamous Southeast Los Angeles County Chacon Political Family ........,and its Propaganda Organ, the formerly Los Cerritos News, now the weakly "Brian Hews, Los Chacon News".
Continuous financing of the nefarious Chacon Political Family may soon have unwanted ramifications for the Commerce Casino. 

** For anyone who ventures southbound on the Santa Ana Freeway (Interstate Five) from Downtown LA, their travels through the business landscape of Commerce, is momentarily broken up by the elegant decor of the Commerce Casino/Hotel. For residents within the business-friendly enclave, the Casino's contribution to the General Fund (about 40% of yearly operating revenue), equates to a high quality of civic services, investments in infrastructure ........, and for those elected to the Commerce City Council who maintain that relationship, they can count on some contribution love at Election Time.

But in the aftermath of the recent Montebello Elections, the Casino's relationship with the Commerce-based Chacon Political Family (who's half-sibling, Hugo Argumedo, was just re-elected to the Commerce City Council), is garnering a unwanted backlash.
Sources tell Mayor Sam that community leaders in both Montebello and Commerce, are voicing their concerns to the Commerce Casino owners, about their financial support for the Chacon Political Family ......., and especially their recent ad purchases in the formerly Los Cerritos News, now known jokingly as the "Weakly, Brian Hews/ Los Chacon News". 
But what was not a joke was the Casino's ads-financed, numerous baseless attacks, targeting just-re-elected Montebello Mayor/City Councilman Jack Hadjinian, newly-elected Councilwoman Venessa Delgado and even the Police Chief Kevin McClure. Plus, other candidates for local office, not allied with the Chacon Political Family were also targeted via the Brian Hews-keyboarded "WMDs (Wanton Missives of Distortion).
Simply, since most of the Brian Hews/Chacon Political Family-backed candidates lost on Election Day, the victors are sending the Commerce Casino a clear message that their backing of the "Brian Hews/Chacon Political Machine" needs to cease.
Hazard Park Preservation Committee Members Ray and Ruth Rios, with LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis ........, along with USC President Max Nikias.
** The University of Southern California President Max Nikias made a visit as he hosted a LA Biotech Summit on its Health Science Campus. From LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis.
Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis on February 26 called on the University of Southern California to embrace and support community residents as it moves forward with plans to build a biotech research park at its Health Sciences campus, adjacent to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. To be successful, USC must design its research park to ensure “people are invited to come down the hill, or across the freeway or even from the other side of town” to work or study at the campus, Supervisor Solis said. Solis joined University of Southern California President Max Nikias, fellow County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and 250 business and academic leaders for the Los Angeles Biotech Summit, hosted by USC. While Supervisor Solis emphasized the need for a true community partnership for the research park project, she said she is supportive of the concept and is pleased to be working with USC President C.L. Max Nikias to ensure the research park creates high-quality jobs and educational opportunities for a broad range of residents.
Memo to Supervisor Solis, you need to get acquainted with the true community leaders, not those enablers, who have supported paving park space into parking spaces ....., and remain SILENT as Historic Trees are bulldozed to make way for a sidewalk, whoops street-widening.

** The Boyle Heights Connected Non-Profit Legal Skirmish between East Los Angeles Community Corp. (ELACC) and Union de Vecinos over displace tenants near a First and Soto Street ELACC Development, has been resolved in favor of the tenants as the now Lincoln Heights-based Eastern Group Publications reports.

Months of negotiations between the tenants and ELACC resulted in the agreement that will give seventeen households, representing approximately 50 residents, the “Right of First Refusal” on leases for the first phase of the new housing complex scheduled to open in 2017. By law, all the displaced residents are entitled to a minimum of $19,000 in relocation money, which tenants will not have to return even if they decide to lease a unit in the new facility. It’s a big relief, said Vivara, who has lived in the same apartment for 17 years. She told EGP she was afraid she would lose her home and not be able to afford a new place. “Rent is extremely expensive,” she noted. Tenants received support from Union de Vecinos, a nonprofit network of Boyle Heights committees fighting against gentrification and displacement since 1996. Union de Vecinos helped tenants negotiate the terms of the deal allowing them to return when construction is completed. Initially, renters were told by ELACC that they could only return if they met the development’s strict income eligibility requirements and passed credit and background checks.

So much for the neighborhood tenants compassion of Maria Cabildo.

** Lastly, we want to wish former CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks and former CD 9 City Council Candidate David Roberts a bloggin Mayor Sam Birthday.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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