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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Does USC Really Care about Alcohol Abuse (and its Impact on Sensitive Communities)?

With NO apologies to the LAPD Hollenbeck CPAB Members who covertly voted (via a misleading meeting agenda) to support five additional ABC Alcohol Licenses for the University of Southern California Health Science Campus Hyatt Hotel Development, we must ask USC President Max Nikias and its Board of Trustees, whether the Private University ......., REALLY CARES about Alcohol Abuse ......, and its impact on Sensitive Communities.
USC President Max Nikias.
** Blogger's Note: We received the following from former Lincoln Heights/ LA-32 Neighborhood Council Member and noted Alcohol Abuse Activist Hugo Pacheco. In recent years, Pacheco has been the Front Person in the successful efforts to stop further Alcohol Proliferation within the Lincoln Heights and the 90032 Communities (the scuttled Las Villas Project, Eastlake & Broadway 7-Eleven Store denied Beer/Wine License and the El Sereno "Big Saver Market denied ABC License Upgrade). As Mayor Sam recently disclosed, USC sought to circumvent the Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights and the LA-32 Neighborhood Councils, in covertly seeking the inappropriate (via violating LAPD CPAB Protocols) support of the LAPD Hollenbeck Division CPAB. In response, Pacheco has keyboard the brief missive posted below, that ponders whether LA's largest employer, is engaging in double-speck regarding its commitment to combating Alcohol Abuse within its Institution ........, and in the communities surrounding its campuses----Scott Johnson. 

As has been stated at the LA-32 Neighborhood Council Meetings, USC is seeking to obtain 5 new liquor licenses on its Health Science Campus in Boyle Heights.  
The following link should get you to their " The USC Safe Communities Task Force Hosts 3rd Annual Alcohol Abuse Prevention On-campus Briefing. 
The rhetoric sounds good but you can also see the failure in the much touted AlcoholEdu, an online science-based alcohol prevention program that provides a tailored educational experience focusing on the impact of alcohol on mind and body.
Its about time they think about the impact that their proposal would have on the surrounding communities where alcohol abuse is of major concern.
This should be of prime concern as USC, a private non-profit corporation with a tainted history of participation in the Eugenics Program continues to expand it foothold in the community. 

Drunk and Profane in the pursuit of Conquest ......, is the Trojan Way (until the Media is tipped off).
The USC Health Science Campus Hyatt Hotel Project.

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