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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Morning Briefs on a Fleeing Mayor Gar-Soft-ee for Tuesday

A South LA Dialog with Mayor Eric "Gar-Soft-ee" degenerates into a "Black Lives Matter" counter protest, prompting the First Term Mayor to vacate the proceedings as agitators surround his vehicle.
"Mayor Gar-Soft-ee Wear" is the right fit for vacating Community Meetings gone South (LA).
** Blogger's Note: Note to the Rhodes Scholar, turned First Term, Techie-Progressive Mayor Eric "Gar-Soft-ee"......., the Black Voter Still Matters in South LA. You should be commended for your attempt to reach out to a voter block that thought a "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo Call Greuel" would be a better choice to replace, now former Failure Mayor Antonio "Pollovillar (a flashback moment posted below)" It would of been so easy for you to send a token staffer to hear out a constituent group that is represented by the likes of longtime Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant, who has targeted you with numerous "WMDs (Wanton Missives of Distortions) regarding your policies and staff selections affecting South LA ......., but southward you ventured last evening. This morning, missives, news reports and commentary, are documenting "an attempt at connecting", that was readily hijack by those with a more decisive approach of messaging (devoid of substance). The image of a supposed Progressive Mayor, being escorted from a community forum beyond his control, this after failing to win over the audience with comments that supported the premise of the protesters (Black Lives Matter) and encouraging behavior (Booing) that is not conducive for a respectful conversation, provides additional validating our "Gar-Soft-ee Moniker" BTW, as a bloggin Public Service, we post below a video from the early days of the Failure Mayor Antonio Villar Era, that was the motivation for the "Polloraigosa Branding". Again, credit to "Mayor Gar-Soft-ee", but we hope that he find his inner-political sternness sometime soon---Scott Johnson.
Mayor Gar-Soft-ee being escorted away.
Mayor Gar-Soft-ee surrounded by Protesters.
A Video Flashback to the former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar "Cut and Run" which was the motivation for the "Polloraigosa Branding".
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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