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Sunday, February 01, 2015

The 2015 Edition of the Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest: The Farewell to CD 14, East of the LA River Tour

Happy Pigskin Championship Day as we bring you our blogging, 2015 Edition of "Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest", which regardless of pending CD 14 Election Results, will be the last time that the council area, East of the Los Angeles River, merits any attention of its self-noting Princeton Graduate, Clowncilperson.
Its either Farewell to me at the Ballot Box in March (or May), or to CD 14, East of the LA River, after I win re-election, to focus on my Downtown Fiefdom.

** Blogger's Note: Great Super Bowl Sunday to all as our exceptional country's annual celebration of Alpha Manhood takes place this afternoon with the Seattle Pigeons (Seahawks) taking on the New England Cheaters (** please note the mindset of rabid, soon to be again, "Los Angeles Rams" Fan here) in the 49th Edition of the NFL Championship Game creation of the late Commissioner Pete Rozelle
Since 2008, its been an annual bloggin tradition to place odds on where CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar would choose to watch the Super Bowl. This act of bloggin satire was born out of a mystical (more like fact) CD 14 Political Folktale, involving the self-noting, Princeton Graduate, flying on American Airlines to Miami, Florida to watch the game as the guest of the Fifteen Group. ( the owners of the Historic Boyle Heights Wyvernwood Apartment Complex). Thus a bloggin tradition continues .........., or naught after today.
In 2015, "The Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest", will bid farewell to areas East of the Los Angeles River for multiple reasons. First, the embattled "Tonto Huevon" of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, may lose his Clowncilmatic Title at the Ballot Box in March (or May). Second, if enough, "low information/in denial of taxpayer-costing scandals voters", choose to give The Tonto Huevon a last six year term in office (with the passage of Charter Amendment 1 & 2), then there is no need to give any attention to the constituent peons on the wrong side of the concrete moot (after all, its Downtown who paid to re-elect its favorite Tonto Badboy).
That said, here are the ground rules for the 2015 Edition of "The Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest". First, only "Connected Non-Profits/Organizations", based east of the LA Concrete Moot, can submit a proposal. Second, the organization must have received either 2013-2014 Fiscal Year, CLARTS or General Purpose Funds money (to kick back funding for this possible opportunity to wine and dine your Political Patronage Daddy, like he does with his Officeholder Account, allegedly), Lastly, you must pledge absolute loyalty (and turn out voters), to benefit the self-noting Princeton Graduate, turn "The Tonto Huevon" of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee.
Thus, after review of submissions, we present the 2015 Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest Finalists (with odds and funding amounts attached), as "The Tonto Huevon" bids adios to his peon constituents of CD 14---Scott Johnson in CD 14
1. East Los Angeles Community Corporation ($9,950), (5-1):
ELACC's Maria Cabildo with Indicted State Senator Ron Calderon.
ELACC is a front-tier favorite in this year's contest. Why? Cabildo is willing to put on the biggest Super Bowl with Huizzy Party ever in Mariachi Plaza, if in return, the noted rivals of TELACU, can have a re-elected Tonto Huevon push MTA in giving the Affordable Housing 501 C3 Non-Profit, the first opportunity to obtain valuable lots near the Gold Line in Boyle Heights. Of course, a Cabildo event would not allow for those associated with gentrification.
2. El Sereno Bicentennial Committee ($20,000), (2-1):
El Sereno Bicentennial Parade Coordinator and Hollenbeck CPAB Member Genny Guerrero.
A favorite (for reasons seen in the above photo) to host the final "Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest" has to be the El Sereno Bicentennial Committee. Its Parade Coordinator has an inside advantage, by recently showcasting her attributes into a paid staff position within the El Sereno Office of "The Tonto Huevon". Further, her "LAPD Contacts" will assure that squad car resources are on hand to facilitate a mobile detoxification (two hours at most) for those who are unable to operate a vehicle. But by far, the best selling point for the longtime Parade Committee as it attempts to win this year's contest, is its past ability to SHREED past fiscal records of publicly-financed events and Cyber Bully those who dare question the action
3. Highland Park Chamber of Commerce ($9,980), (10-1):
The reigning Northeast LA Huizzynista Cheerleader Yolanda Nogueria (seated).
We are maybe dumbing down the odds of this next finalist, but their is no doubt that the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce's Yolanda Nogueria, is the biggest Huizzynista Cheerleader in the Northeast part of CD 14. On the other hand, brother Michael Nogueria, who was formerly the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council President, has been heard in recent times expressing negative thoughts about the current Officeholder. Still, both siblings have seen benefits from Huizar's capital investments near their property on York and Ave 50 and could facilitate a Super Bowl with Huizzy Party, on the Brownfield into Park site at that location.
4. The Eagle Rock Women's Twentieth Century Club ($10,000), (5-1):  
Nothing like a Clubhouse of Women watching Football:
The mere fact that this finalist has "W-O-M-E-N-'S" in its name, guaranties it serious consideration as a possible winner. Think of the female rich, high propensity voter audience this Super Bowl with Huizzy Party could garner for the embattled Incumbent. Plus, there is past polling data that states clearly its importance to the re-election chances of The Tonto Huevon. Of course, the wife would have children to take care of ........, and forgo attending.
5. Mothers of East Los Angeles ($9,998), (Aztec 20-1):  
Wonder is these Gals can handle the Forty Ouncers?
If this is the last time for the "Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest", we have to include a finalist that represents the best in "Old School Patronage in CD 14". While the reality is that these Gals have decades of patronage mileage on them, they can still wrap the brown bags and chug with the best of them. Surely, a local Cantina would be willing to offer the space if these Moms are the chosen winners.
Happy and Safe Super Bowl Sunday to Everyone ........., and especially to George Esparza, who is probably on call today.
Scott Johnson In CD 14



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