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Monday, October 20, 2014

The "Connected Non-Profit" Tammy Membreno's Barrio Action Youth and Family Center hosts "Explicit Master Artist" Andrew Cervantes

The "Connected Non-Profit" Tammy Membreno's El Sereno Barrio Action Youth and Family Center, along with the El Sereno Community Arts and the DONE-approving LA-32 Neighborhood Council, presented "Master Artist" Andrew Cervantes (without any background vetting?).
Would Mayor Eric Garcetti approve of Tammy Membreno Barrio Action's hosting of "Master Artist" Andrew Cervantes upon reviewing the "Artistic Content" of his Facebook Page? 

** Blogger's Note: El Sereno's Barrio Action Youth and Family Center Executive Director Tammy Membreno is not one to shy away from controversy ........, but this latest one may find her seeking refuge in the political shadows. Ms. Membreno once again collaborated with an Angelica De La Torre-affiliated event (Membreno's Barrio Action was the Fiscal Agent for defunct El Sereno Farmers Market operated by Ms. De La Torre) and upon further review (via the Facebook Page of "Master Artist" Andrew Cervantes, ** please note that contents are sexually graphic), she may find it wise to update her "Connected Non-Profit's" background vetting of those who conduct workshops with youth on their shared City of Los Angeles Property. The parents of those in attendance at the El Sereno Community Arts (with the DONE-approving LA-32 NC providing the arts supplies) Event, may want to ask Ms. Membreno, Ms. De La Torre (along with LA-32 President Marleen Fonseca and Councilman Jose Huizar) what vetting process went into the selection of the Master Artist for this youth workshop. Surely, upon reviewing Mr. Cervantes other "explicit piƱatas of art", they may have some choice artistic, verbal expressions for both Ms. Membreno and De La Torre, for exposing their children to an explicit "Master Artist"---Scott Johnson.
Parents should ask Ms. Membreno about her screening protocols when allowing someone to conduct youth workshops at Barrio Action. 
Will "Master Artist" Andrew Cervantes present alleged Sexual Harasser Councilman Jose Huizar with one of his "Penisnatas".
From the Facebook Page of the El Sereno Community Arts Organization.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Phony Tammy at it again only worst permitting questionable folks around the kids.

October 20, 2014 9:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Who's as is Tammy up now? Garcetti? Huizar? Molina..? Anyone who'll give her money to a failing center

October 20, 2014 9:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sounds to me that someone at Barrio Action lacks the knowledge to safeguard our children. Maybe Ms. Tammy Membreno should look into the research. Further investigation will reveal from others involved in "Dia de los Muertos" events that they are into bondage rituals.

We in El Sereno should have the entire staff of CD1, Barrio Action, Dia de los Muertos organizers and the Neighborhood Council background checked by law enforcement before letting any of our children get involved with any of their events.

October 22, 2014 10:32 AM  

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