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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

As the backlash continues against LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas" silent (and fiscal?) support of vile attacks against Distinguish Educator and LAUSD School Board District 1 Candidate George McKenna, disgruntle constituents are seeking to Recall the diminutive power monger.
Maybe those seeking to Recall LA County Board of Supervisor "Home Renovation-Thomas" should add the pressuring of the African-American Press to support Crony/Neophyte Education Staffer Alex "Ridley-Johnson-Thomas" against George McKenna, to their growing list of grievances?

 Its Thursday A.M. on August 7 and still no Soulvine Column from longtime South LA Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant. Since her last "Soulvine WMD" (Wanton Missive of Distortion or Written Missive of Distinction depending on the subject matter) on July 10, it has been speculated (and substantiated by Betty with this missive at City Watch) that LA County Board of Supervisor "Home Renovation-Thomas" put pressure on the publishers of the Wave Newspapers to silence Betty's (and others) "Written Missives of Distinction" against the negative Alex "Ridley-Johnson-Thomas" Campaign for School Board. 
Kudos to the Los Cerritos News for its exclusive on the corruption charges against, now former CD 9 City Cowncil Central Committee Member Curren "Pyro Show Thief" Price Staffer Robert Katherman. The lobbyist, turned Clowncilman "Pyro Show Thief" Price Staffer (before resigning) allegedly needed to create another public money revenue stream of subsistence as the District Attorney notes in its statement.
“A West Basin Municipal Water District director along with a married couple with ties to the director have been charged with an elaborate embezzlement scheme to help the director pay about $20,000 in personal expenses, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced today.”
“Ronald Craig Smith (dob 5/08/59), who serves as treasurer of the water district, Robert Earl Katherman Jr. (dob 6/22/46) and his wife, Marilyn Katherman (dob 11/11/48), are charged in case YA090605. Deputy District Attorney Alison Matsumoto Estrada with the Public Integrity Division is assigned to the case.”
Kinda early in the morning for this, but we relay the latest from noted LA-32 Muckraker (when not engage in his regular walks to the corner Liquor Store) Joe Cano. Apparently, Cano and a small cadre of community obstructionists are endorsing a new Facebook Page called "Stop the Bullies from El Sereno 90032", featuring the supposed neighborhood bullies Anthony Manzano and a certain blogger (wink, wink). Absent from the alleged list of neighborhood bullies are the likes of  Mr. and Mrs. Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson, the race-baiting husband and wife "Procedural Bullies of the El Sereno Delusional Society" and a certain vindictive, Founding Member of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (who recently quit the LA-32 NC for the third time).    
BTW, thanks to former Our Lady of Gradalupe "Youth Ministry/Confirmation Director" , new LA-32 NC Bully (and Treasurer) Michelle Corzantes for allegedly, contributing the photos of a certain blogger to this failed act of Free Speech/Press Intimidation
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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