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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Morning Fiscal Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

The fiscal benefits of the litigious 2012 City of Los Angeles Redistricting Controversy for the likes of City Clouncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson and his "Political Soul Brother" CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar, are apparent as both reap the windfalls of Downtown LA Special Interests Money.   
No amount of questionable personal behavior will keep the Downtown Money Interests from donating to the 2015 Reelection Campaign of the embattled Princeton Graduate.
The mockery of the litigious 2012 Redistricting Process is reinforce by the latest Campaign Contributions Totals for Clowncil Soul Brothers "Thelma Huizar" and "Louise Wesson". Will the duo's backroom enabling in dividing the spoils take a plunge in court?

For the LA City Clowncil Central Committee duo of Jose "Thelma" Huizar and Herman "Mini Amin Louise" Wesson, they both should enjoy the moment of the fiscal windfall from their respective campaign contribution largess.
As the latest reports to the Ethics Commission disclose, "Thelma Huizar's" new Downtown Fiefdom (via the backroom dealings of the 2012 Redistricting Process) enable the Princeton Graduate to reap $648,789 in contributions, with $557,411 in cash on hand after the bills. 
Political Soul Brother, "Louise Mini Amin Wesson" merely reported $215,250 in contributions as he put the filling of the Huizar's contribution account before his own in seeking to preserve his Soul Brother reelection standing.
But both could see their backroom conceived schemes take a plunge as discovery moves forward in the Joint Korean/African-American Community Lawsuit against the flawed Redistricting Process. Thus its conceivable that "Thelma Huizar" and "Louise Mini Amin Wesson" may be cornered into plunging together over the abyss of ethical reckoning for their dirty dealings, before the 2015 Elections.
** Its clear that the race to replace termed out CD 4 City Clowncil Central Committee Historian Tom LaBonge, is going to be costly. Clowncilman Labonge Chief of Staff Carolyn Ramsey leads the likes of former City of San Fernando City Councilman Steve Veres, David Ryu and the Savior of the 310 Area Code Wally Knox, in breaching the $100,000 mark in contributions.
** As Clowncil Central Committee Colleagues Nury Martinez and Mitch Englander report six digits in contributions, CD 2 City Clowncil Central Committee Budget Chairperson Paul Krekorian has not reported any fundraising or filed papers for reelection.
** With eight days remaining to Special Election Day in the negative LAUSD District One Contest between Distinguish Educator George McKenna and neophyte Alex "Ridley-Johnson-Thomas", McKenna enjoys a slight advantage in cash on hand as "Ridley-Johnson-Thomas" burns through bosses LA County Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas" provided Special Interest Money 
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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