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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Morning Treats on the Tricky Calderon ( and enabling Friends) Political Machine for Halloween

As the Sacramento and Local Political Establishments reels from the latest Nefarious Allegations involving the Montebello (aka "CD 14 East") Calderon Political Family, we disclose the supposed, enabling link of possible CD 14 City Council Candidate, State Senator Kevin De Leon, to this politically explosive scandal ........ and its not good. 
State Senator Ron Calderon will push your desired legislation for the right price, (allegedly). 
 What political (via state fiscal) price will enabling fellow State Senator Ron Calderon's alleged schemes, cost Kevin De Leon, in regards to his future political aspirations?
** Blogger's notes: The local political and media establishment is abuzz this A.M. with the alleged "political tricks for treats" by Montebello ( aka "CD 14 East") State Senator Ron Calderon, that unfortunately for him and notorious Calderon Political Family, was an undercover Sting by the FBI, according to Aljazzera America ( link to read the complete FBI Affidavit). The Calderon's have been the focus of the supposed "Establishment Fishwrap of Record" LA Times for their alleged nefarious dealings involving the Central Basin Water District. Yet, the best reporting on the Southeast LA Political Dynasty has been undertaken by the Los Cerritos News tandem of Brian Hews and Randy Economy, who's latest expose links (via audio recordings) State Assembly Speaker John Perez to the deepening scandal. For another local state elected official, State Senator Kevin De Leon (**who was the subject of his own FBI Search Warrant), the report by Aljazzera America (with attached FBI Affidavit), casts him in the uncomfortable political light of being an enabler (for the right political price) for his fellow State Senate Colleague. Further, the page posted below from the Affidavit, may have some legal repercussions for the possible CD 14 City Council Candidate. In his own scheme to "buy" the support of Senator Calderon to retain State Senator Ricardo Lara as the leader of the Latino Caucus, Senator De Leon may have violated various state laws by promising Senator Calderon a future "monetary public asset" ( paid commission appointment) for a political purpose. Thus, he may have dealt himself into becoming the latest, potential political casualty of the Calderon Political Family's nefarious dealings ( and Senator De Leon wonder why this blogger is so cynical, kinda like my thoughts of him becoming the next CD 14 City Councilman)---Scott Johnson in CD 14.          
 The one deal that may derail State Senator Kevin De Leon's future political aspiration.

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