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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Deconstructing the Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet endorsement of the Villar Greuel for Mayor

The former Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet of Record endorses the Downtown LA Establishment Machine choice for Mayor, City Controller Wendy "The Villar Greuel".
 How low can the Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet go when its supports the political third team incarnation of Mayor Antonio Villar, "The Villar Greuel"?
The Former Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet of Record is honored by the Downtown LA  establishment.
** Blogger's note:  As a public service of bloggin, journalistic fact checking, we invite you to join us in this Sunday morning deconstructing of a sadly, "Former Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet of Record" Editorial that endorses the third term incarnation of City of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villar, City Controller Wendy "The Villar Greuel", for Mayor. Once a great journalistic, counter-balance of record to the establishment elites controlled "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street", the now simply "Moldy Green Sheet" has become just another fishwrap of declining column inches of press releases. The once proud Editorial Board lead by Ron Kaye, has given way to Carolina Garcia, who's oversight of the editorial board has produced "opinion missives for record", such as this classic regarding noted ethnic cleanser Assemblyman "Slobo Mikey" Gatto, "Fiscally minded and intelligent, he's the kind of legislator California needs" (BTW, Ron Kaye provides more background on the racial profiling proclivities on "the kind of legislator California needs"). Thus, like in the endorsement of  "Slobo Mikey" Gatto, we hope a pending lunch date did not get in the way of the facts behind its endorsement of the Villar Greuel. But upon our deconstructing below, its apparent that the mold is affecting the cognitive thought processes of a once proud community paper of record---Scott Johnson.

From the "Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet" on its endorsement of Greuel,
Before Los Angeles goes to the polls next month to choose a new mayor, voters must ask themselves: Which candidate has the strongest combination of qualifications, political skill and personal character? Which of the eight people on the ballot can best represent city residents' diverse interests? Which man or woman has the best chance to lead L.A. back from the fiscal brink?This newspaper's editorial board has weighed those questions and found a clear answer. It's Wendy Greuel.

This video should serve to counter that assertion ........
This video highlights the Villar Greuel's lack of veracity on the Gold Card Scandal.

Continuing with our deconstructing exercise via the Moldy Green Sheet.
Greuel, the city controller and former city councilwoman who worked in the Clinton administration, is the only candidate who has held citywide office and served in government outside the flawed culture of L.A. City Hall (If I remember correctly, did President Clinton get impeached? Many would call that a flaw administration). She is the only candidate who has valuable experience in private business (yes, she even pandered to Latino voters that she also, cleaned toilets and scrubbed floors) along with a government resume, having been an executive in the entertainment industry for five years before her City Council stint (that background did not help Wendy's friend Chris Essel). She has received not only much-scrutinized endorsements from labor unions (don't forget the true "Boss  D'Arcy" behind the "Villar Greuel") but also support from important business leaders (with union workers), perhaps reflecting the sensibility of her power base in the San Fernando Valley (Power base? refer back to Chris Essel for CD 2 Campaign).

But why am I fixated on the flawed culture of City Hall comment? Maybe it has to do with flawed accounting numbers as this video highlights.
 BTW, link here to read former Daily News Editor Ron Kaye missive on the Villar Greuel's bogus accounting proclivities.
We continue ............. and the hole gets bigger.
Then there is Garcetti, whose City Council district includes Hollywood, Silver Lake and Atwater Village. Garcetti is smart (a Rhodes Scholar) and likeable (yes), and he looks and sounds the part of mayor (like Villaraigosa) (Nice try! Considering that the LA Times outed the large number of Mayor Villar associates supporting the Villar Greuel). But the suspicion persists that Garcetti is too nice for the task of running L.A. - too cautious, too easily pushed around (comparing to selling your political soul to Boss D"Arcy and the Villar Machine? Oh Plez!), too eager to please the audience in front of him; witness his feeble attempt at Thursday's debate in Northridge to avoid saying if he supports the incumbent in a key school-board race. (Compare that to the multiple episodes of Villar Greuel pandering to various groups, next refuted argument).

Then the defining moment in the decision process for the Former Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet of Record and we find thee root reason to support the Villar Greuel, continuing ......

At one time, the same suspicion could have applied to Greuel. In 2008, when she ran for city controller (and won), the Daily News did not endorse her, believing her opponent displayed a greater capacity to go against political allies for the good of the whole city (and then the Daily News .... was "a paper of record").But in 2013, it was a different Greuel (new mane with same political insider interior) who showed up for a meeting with members of this editorial board. Lightly pounding the table to emphasize key points, she responded to criticisms with polite ferocity (or feigned indignation); this was the day opponents slammed her call for 2,000 more police officers, a goal she said had been misrepresented in the press as an unaffordable promise (kinda hard not to refute considering the source was "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant", with past Tax Liens John Shallman). She left little doubt she is sharp enough to realize the next mayor will be made or broken by his or her success at tackling the costs of city government (to the city special interests, we add in the Villar Greuel's case).It should be her. We believe Greuel would make L.A. proud as the first woman to lead the nation's second most populous city (Garcia and Garza interior reason for endorsement?). She has the combination of experience (career politico), know-how (knows how to say yes to Boss D'arcy) and personal qualities (no integrity) to be a fine (third-term) mayor (Tony Villar in drag).-- Los Angeles News Group editorial board

Thus! The Former Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet of Record endorse the first female incarnation of Mayor Antonio Villar Political Machine, Wendy "The Villar Greuel" for Mayor!
After all, its all right to turn away from whats left of a now moldy, former paper of record and its base.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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