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Monday, January 07, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Six months remain for this fail Latino Politico Dreamer
Will Angelinos say "Shalom" to its next mayor?

Great back to work/school day to all as normal work schedules return to the local halls of government. Meanwhile, we aim the bloggin starter pistol to the sky, squeeze the trigger and BANG! The race to replace Mayor Antonio Villar now gets serious.

** Seven days into 2013, the Daily News aka “Moldy Green Sheet of Record“, regales us with a Mayor Antonio Villar missive, regarding his plans for the last six months of his fail eight year reign as Cuidad de Los Angeles top office holder. It should come as no surprise that Mayor Villar’s waning months in office includes blazing carbon trails across the continental skies.

** CD 9 City Councilwomen and Mayoral Candidate Jan Perry wants to remind you that she should not be counted out in her bid to replace the current City Terrace native office holder. In a conversation with a local activist, she can find solace that her campaign is garnering attention from those disenchanted with the insider politics of CD 13 City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy “The Villar Greuel”.

** “The Villar Greuel” is immerse in multi-tasking via campaigning and waging audits on “Big Cellphone” billing practices. The Villar Greuel. As “Private Citizen/Political Consultant” John Shallman choreographs “The Villar Greuel’s” duties as a “city controlling candidate for mayor”, her challengers (minus her running mate Emanuel Pleitez) may have some inconvenient surprises in the weeks ahead.

** Our bloggin colleague Michael Higby has been rightfully touting the debate performance of Kevin James in the first debate of 2013. The James Campaign is clearly gaining increased traction among the “high information voter/activist” within traditionally labor-left strongholds throughout the city.  If James can make the connection with these activists and their respective grass-roots outreach, then his chances of making the runoff become more attainable.

** Lastly, Mayor Villar found time to craft his spin/explain his south of the border photo with fellow Latino Bad Boy Charlie Sheen to KNBC’s Conan Nolan  "I'm in the picture taking business. I've never said no to anyone that wants to take a picture."

Your thoughts …………..
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Scott, it's great to see that you're illiterate in multiple languages.

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