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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

The Villar Greuel gets whacked at Sherman Oaks Mayoral Forum while receiving the Endorsement of LAPD's PPL Union.
What did the PPL Endorsement along with IBEW's Boss D'Arcy, do for the political aspirations of the Villar Greuel's friend Chris Essel?

Coming soon to a LA mayoral campaign candidate forum near you, “The Villar Greuel Pinata”.

Judging from last night’s Sherman Oaks Mayoral Forum, the trio of Jan Perry, Eric Garcetti and Kevin James (excluding Villar Greuel’s running mate Emanuel Pleitez), will in the weeks ahead, used their verbal pinata sticks to whack at the multiple political fallacies of the former republican, turned opportunistcrat, now the anointed successor to the Mayor Villar Political Machine.

But as most political observers will agree, it will take multiple whacks at the Villar Greuel Pinata before it falls apart, the endorsement of LAPD’s rank and file PPL Union will help protect the interest of the Villar Greuel in the short term, but recent political history shows that PPL’s endorsement of the Villar Greuel’s friend Chris Essel, along with IBEW, amounted to a major then Assemblyman Paul Krekorian victory.

Another dire indicator for the Villar Greuel Campaign, is an ABC 7 Poll that shows Kevin James as the only upwards trending mayoral candidate, gaining ground on the second place Villar Greuel. We can expect the Villar Greuel to become more pronounce in her strident attacks on James in an attempt to ward off his growing momentum in the days ahead, but that will run counter to more reports on “Calendergate“, as noted with today‘s Daily News story.

** The Los Angeles Dragnet Blog continues its follow-along coverage of our Mayor Sam Exclusive into questionable donations by official and associates of Bet Tzedek, to the City Attorney Campaign of its former Executive Director Assemblyman Mike Feuer. The Feuer Campaign finally commented on the record to the Metropolitan Press-Enterprise, while attacking the Greg Smith Campaign for having the temerity to broach the subject at Monday‘s night City Attorney Candidate Forum at Temple Israel in Hollywood.

“The donations identified in the blog are lawful.  Although not addressed in the blog, one contribution was made in error and returned.  Anyone who tries to score cheap political points at the expense of the poor, the elderly, Holocaust survivors and disabled people who are Bet Tzedek’s clients should be ashamed.”

** The same ABC 7 poll reference above in our mayoral coverage, also showed current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, holding a lead over Feuer, Smith and fourth candidate Noel Weiss-Hahn.

In the election for city attorney of Los Angeles, the poll finds incumbent Carmen Trutanich edging Assemblyman Mike Feuer, 27 percent to 21 percent.Greg Smith trails in third with 14 percent and Noel Weiss takes 10 percent.

** As longtime Mayor Villar staffer and now CD 13 City Council Candidate Matt Szabo, garners the endorsement (of political death?) of his boss, voters in CD 13 would be wise to read the comments of Robert Guevara at the bottom on the linked report.

Your thoughts …………..
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Interesting that both Shallman candidates are sinking in the polls. Wendy Greuel and Mike Feuer started off as front runners and are now running second.

John Shallman is the kiss of death. He loses every contested race. Last June he lost all nine races he ran.

He's turning Wendy Greuel into the candidate backed by all the corrupt downtown entities who are ultimately responsible for our taxes being rasied due to their mismanagement of public funds.

Every time you look at your bloated DWP bill, you can thank Wendy for all this money coming out of your pocket. It's being used to support the IBEW which in turn contributes to her campaign.

Anyone who knows Mike Feuer knows that he is another dishonest politician who will say anything to get elected.

He has attached himself to Mayor Antonio unethical Villaraigosa who has received the biggest ethics fine this city has ever given.

Mike has also taken unehtical campaign donations from Bet Tzedek which will result in this fine organization losing their city funding.

He hasn't been elected yet and he's already screwing with seniors and pooor people's government assitence.

January 17, 2013 10:36 AM  

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