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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Morning Briehs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti does a Ramona Gardens Christmas
The Fifth Annual Gabriel Acosta Christmas Celebration in Ramona Gardens. Photo via Eric Garcetti Twitter page.

Memo to CD 14 City Councilman and Wendy "The Villar Greuel" supporter Jose Huizar, your city council colleague and mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti, came in deep into CD 14 to help former RG gangster Gabriel Acosta celebrate his Fifth Annual Christmas Miracle for the youth and families in Ramona Gardens.
Reports from those on hand was very positive of Garcetti, who served pancakes to the gift-bearing  bikers and worked the crowd for over an hour. As you can tell from above, Garcetti rode in on a fire truck ans was warmly greeted by the community.
It is safe to say that many RG voters will remember Eric Garcetti come election time in March.
** The Daily News rightfully outs the City Clowncil Central Committee for allocating DWP and Sanitation money to feed the wasteful money beast that is the proposed Children Museum near Hanson Dam.
** LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Antonio Villar had time for some media pandering yesterday to announced stepped-up visitation of K-5 school campuses by LAPD, in wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. The two also took time to implore residents to give up their firearms. But as the under-reported death total continues to rise in regards to the failure of AB 109 mandated prison realignment, now is the time to have firearm protection from thousands of so called "Low Level, Non Violent Offender Paroles" now roaming the streets. 
** Surprise, surprise, mayoral candidate City Controller Wendy "The Villar Greuel" wants to let former Mayor Villar staffer and fellow mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez be included in all future debates. Many see Pleitez's mayoral bid as a protest campaign against supposed Latino Eric Garcetti. In addition to the Pleitez debate inclusion issue, LA Weekly Gene Maddaus has this comment on candidate Kevin James via "The Villar Greuel's" Campaign Consultant John Shallman, regarding "The Villar Greuel" attack on James at Saturday's debate.

James told the Weekly the question shows that she thinks of him as a threat. "Her stretch to apply it in the debate showed desperation," he said.
The other candidates usually ignore James -- who routinely accuses them of being corrupt -- but Greuel decided it was high time to go after him.
"No one has been talking about the GOP elephant in the room," Shallman said. "Kevin James is a Tea Party, right-wing radical who is a shock-jock radio guy. The issue with Kevin James is his recklessness. If you're running for mayor, you want to know that the person who has his hand on the wheel is in firm control of the facts and can handle a crisis without doing crazy things."

Strange, the "Private Citizen/Political Consultant" handles alleged monetary crisis in his supposed two consultant household, by doing business (allegedly) with whom?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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