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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Morning Video Briefs on the los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Congressman Brad Sherman goes "Verbal Gangsta" on Citizen Journalist Peter Musurlian
Congressman Brad Sherman had another temperamental episode and on the receiving end was Citizen Journalist Peter Musurlian. 

San Gabriel Valley Female Lawmakers call upon 51 AD Candidate Jimmy Gomez supporter and alleged Woman Beater Assemblyman Roger Hernandez to Resign. 
Three female San Gabriel Valley Lawmakers called upon alleged woman beater Assemblyman Roger Hernandez to resign from office. We call upon 51st AD Candidate Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez to condemn violence against women and return Assemblyman Hernandez campaign contribution. 

Mayor Antonio Villar believes he can fly (hopefully far away soon).
KFI's Steve Gregory happen to chance upon the grand debut of the "Barrio Pajaro" as performed by Mayor Antonio Villar.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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