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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rick Caruso says NO to 2013 Mayoral Run

2013 is not the time for Developer Rick Caruso>
 The political Hamlet ways of Developer Rick Caruso will continue for four more years.
Billionarie developer Rick Caruso said Thursday he has decided against entering next year's race for Los Angeles mayor.Caruso, who developed the popular Grove shopping center and has held a number of appointed positions in the city, said it is not the "appropriate time" for him to step aside from his company."As lifelong Angeleno, I have dedicated my career to supporting Los Angles through world-class developments, creating jobs and economic benefits and in working with civic and community organizations throughout Los Angeles," Caruso said in a written statement."I look forward to continuing to contribute to our city by focusing on endeavors that enrich the lives of the people in this city." 

Runoff after the March Elections will be Kevin James vs. ?

** Morning Update: We are hearing rumbles that the County Accessor Scandal may had play a role in Caruso's decision.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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