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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outtakes from Saturday's Northeast LA Neighborhood Council Elections

** Blogger's Note: On the morning after yesterday's exercise in advisory democracy, we bring you photos and commentary from the various Northeast LA NC polling locations. But we would be remiss if we did not credit the hard work of Empower LA staff and NC activists such as Stephen Box, Glenn Bailey, Jay Handle among many, for yesterday's beyond expectations turnout. The combination of excellent candidate recruitment (with help from CD 14 staff), along with a multi-media voter outreach campaign, mixed with some timely neighborhood issues, equated to an excellent exercise in advisory democracy. Click on to NC name for unofficial results ---Scott Johnson.

Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council:

Four of the new fresh faces of the incoming Boyles Heights Neighborhood Council, that will augment returning board members, such as Mago Amador and the Del Pozo sisters as seen in the picture below. Current BHNC President Edward Padilla was the top vote recipient among the 300 votes cast yesterday. 

It was nice to see CD 14 City Councilman staffer Zenay Loera (with back to camera) making the rounds yesterday in El Sereno as she makes small talk with LA-32 NC Candidate Edward Santillan. Zenay's boss was also spotted voting in at the El Sereno Senior Center , which is not far away from his past-publicized hillside property. Hecho En Mexico Eatery Co-owner Connie Castro was the top choice in a contested At-Large Bracket. Close to 200 people voted, almost double the election turn out of two years ago.

How do you get 400+ community members to take time out of their busy Saturday, to partake in advisory democracy? It starts with neighbors helping each other in getting to the polling place at the Ramona Hall. Then you add some yummy inducements for voting. Of course it also helps to have a little community controversy, regarding a supposed power grab by some Hermonistas, to rile up the local progressives, which by the way, went down in defeat.

By far the biggest turnout yesterday was in Eagle Rock where Councilman Huizar supporter and Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce President Michael Nogueira ( with Huizar staffer Zenay Loera.** Did we see her earlier in El Sereno talking to another "connected candidate"?), beat off a challenge by Medical Marijuana Advocate Nelson Grande II by 26 votes (309-283). The fact that 792 people voted (compare to 100 two years ago) speaks volumes about how a community is galvanized to engage in an advisory dialog on one issue, Medical Marijuana. 

The Highland Park Patch reports that Monica Alcaraz was elected President out of the 328 votes cast.  But we had the privilege to meet this candidate Margarito Martinez, outside of Cocos on York Blvd. Mr. Martinez did not win election to the HHPNC, but he is our winner as the embodiment of the empowering qualities of American Democracy.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

No mention of the one Northeast NC missing in the story. That is Greater Cypress Park NC. It had no elections because not enough candidates ran.

And, some of the last boardmembers were so discusted that they did not run again.

Maybe someone can run a story about the outcome?

October 20, 2012 11:05 AM  

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