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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LA Weekly: "Mike Gatto's Blogger Problem ( with Mayor Sam)"

Why does Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto have Bloggin Issues with Mayor Sam?
 Infant, petulant political babies grow up to be ........
 ... sinister political bullies, who know no boundaries when attacking their perceived enemies. 
The Official Headware of Gatto Truthers.
** Blogger's Note: We would like to thank LA Weekly's Hillel Aron for his brief missive on the "unique bloggin relationship" between the Mayor Sam Blog and Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto. Apparently, there is not a day that goes by, where the Infant Assemblyman is not fixated on our bloggin commentary and who supposedly finances this medium. For the record, contrary to the myths of the Gatto Truthers, the viewpoints on this blog, are not predicated on any potential economic benefit to Campaign Consultant Eric Hacopian. Sorry "Little Mikey", but you're chances of proving your outlandish, conspiratorial claims, are worse than the odds that the Tooth Fairy, would leave you a campaign donation under your infant crib pillow. We should also note for clarification, that our past alleged use of "innuendos and rumors" in reporting on the prior actions of the "Infant Assemblyman", were in reality, factually-based documentation, supplied by a reputable republican opposition researcher, who put his name to the exclusive documents below, that in this blogger's opinion, were the basis for the Infant Assemblyman's "Legal Cease and Desist Request" against this blog. I should note in conclusion, that this blogger's paramount priority in all his past reporting on the "Infant Assemblyman", was to provide commentary based upon the facts .... and when a mistake was made, this blogger held himself accountable---Scott Johnson. 
Voters in the 43rd AD have the right to question whether Gatto defrauded public funds, while working full time on former boss Congressman Brad Sherman's Reelection Campaign. ** You can view the rest of the documents after the jump.

Gatto PDF, Page 2
Gatto PDF, Page 3
Gatto PDF, Page 4
Gatto PDF, Page 5
Gatto PDF, Page 6

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

On the website for the Jewish Journal, a latebreaking story appeared linking Gatto to a Super PAC attacking Howard Berman. Here is the link. www.jewishjournal.com/articles/item/pro_sherman_mailer_labeled_despicable__may_have_ties_to_democratic_assemblym

November 01, 2012 9:56 PM  

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