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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

John Shallman's "Exit Email Companion" to the "Exit Memo".

The John Shallman "Exit Email Companion" to the "Exit Memo".
Will "Private Citizen/Political Consultant" John Shallman comment on the "Exit Email"?

For Immediate Release
Trutanich for City Attorney 2013


On June 12, political consultant John Shallman promised City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, in an email, that he would not run Michael Feuer's campaign for city attorney if Trutanich chose to seek reelection himself. 

Here's what Shallman wrote on June 12, in his email to Trutanich and to attorney Barry Groveman, then acting as a Trutanich adviser: "I am not writing this to talk Nuch [Trutanich's nickname] out of running so I can help Mike Feuer. I am writing this to help Nuch. I have no intention to be involved in the campaigns at all if Nuch runs [emphasis added]."

Trutanich did run - and is running now for reelection as city attorney - and the rest is history.

Read the email for yourself below; it prefaced Shallman's now-infamous memo. That Shallman memo was published by the Mayor Sam blog earlier this week. The email has never been published before. The email and the memo were sent by Shallman to Trutanich just days after the primary election in the District Attorney's race. The guts of the email is presented verbatim. There is nothing that preceded the part quoted; however, the last half of the email is not included because it consisted of Shallman's recommended language for a concession statement he wanted Trutanich to release

----- Forwarded message -----
From: "John Shallman" [email address deleted]
Date: Tue, Jun 12, 2012 4:20 pm
Subject: Confidential Memo and statement
To: Carmen Trutanich and Barry Groveman [email addresses deleted].

I have attached a memo outlining why we [sic] I believe we lost, why Nuch will lose if he runs for CA [City Attorney] and what he needs to do to rehab. I am not writing this [the attached memo] to talk Nuch out of running so I can help Mike Feuer. I am writing this to help Nuch. I have no intention to be involved in the campaigns at all if Nuch runs. This memo is critical of everyone around Nuch including us. I'm not pulling any punches and I don't mean to offend anyone, but it is what it is. No matter how much staff would like to blame the campaign for this loss, remember, they have jobs because of the incredible campaign we ran in 2009.

....... and Shallman wonders why some outside the "establishment blogger community" and his fellow consultants, question his ethics and veracity. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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