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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Whats in the mail from the 51st Assembly Race?

** Blogger's notes: As a high propensity register republican voter (there are about 10,000 of us) in the new drawn 51st Assembly District, some tree farm in the Northwest has been mighty busy providing the paper to create the large amount of mailers being received by all register voters leading up to Tuesday's election. As a bloggin public service, we share with our cyber audience an example of one mailer from each of the three major candidates Arturo Chavez, Jimmy Gomez and Luis Lopez or your review (with comments of course) ** Please note that these mailers are from those received by this voter---Scott Johnson.

Oh the irony! The Sierra Club continues its tradition of supporting carpetbaggers (think Assembly Speaker John Perez). Somehow the Gomez Campaign was given access to the Sierra Club Membership List (not updated since I am no longer a member of the democratic environmental group) and this is what shows up in the mail. The irony here is that the Gomez Campaign has the largest carbon footprint of any of the candidates in this race. A political carpetbagging candidate (especially one with large amounts of PAC money like "PACman Gomez") will use the most paper in "getting to known your latest machine candidate mailers", waste battery power via usage of GPS machines to find neighborhoods and add more greenhouse gases by having paid precinct walkers pounding doors on behalf of his campaign. In hindsight, maybe the Sierra Club should start a "Carpetbagging Ban Campaign" that will surely gain grassroots support and lead to politically clean, endemic (as native to homegrown candidates) communities.
** Lopez and Chavez mailers after the jump.

The Lopez Campaign did their demographic homework here, they realize that with an absence of a republican candidate, those voters (who vote in most elections) are essential in a race that may be decided by a small margin. The testimonial of Lopez's school Librarian (who happens to be a lifelong republican), along with the "Homegrown Independent Leader" moniker should play well, especially in Lopez's Eagle Rock neighborhood.

No negative and all positive with this mailer from the Chavez Campaign. Family values always plays well in the Latino Community (especially when its not staged for political gain). The written testimonial from Chavez which voters can relate to is also a good sell to undecided voters. The fact that Chavez was raised, when to school, works and is raising a family in the community, will be hard for the likes of a recent political transplant like Jimmy Gomez to overcome, especially if recent monetary donations can offset Chavez's earlier financial difficulties.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in the 51st Assembly District.

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