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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

** Mayor Sam Exclusive:Financial issues at the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Educational Collective? Documents don't lie

As the LAUSD Inspector General Office conducts an audit on the finances behind Marcos Aguilar and Minnie Ferguson's Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School Collective, warning signs of possible financial duress (or malfeasance) can be found on the window of the former Academia experiment in Free Enterprise "Xocalatl Coffee Shop". Conceived as a tool of economic sustainability for the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Educational Collective, the shop once served indigenous based coffees and refreshments. Students and parents would work in the shop earning work/school credits    
 But in recent times, Xocolatl has been shuttered and according to sources , the school used the coffee shop to produce meals for its student population. But whether its the sale of coffee or the production of school meals, the rent must still be paid ............. and according to the documentation posted on the premises, that has not happen in six months. Thus, it makes you wonder why Marcos Aguilar is raging war on Hecho En Mexico?
As noted in the document photographed today (May 9, 2012) the company created for the operation of Xocolatl has three days to pay $15,000+ dollars in back rent. Noting back to our former blogger Zuma Dogg's expose of the financial structure of Aguilar's educational collective some years back, you can't help but think that Marcos Aguilar and Minnie Ferguson are the "Frank and Jamie McCourt" of Charter Schools..
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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