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Monday, May 07, 2012

** Another Soulvine Special Report: "Betty praises former Chief Parks"

 South LA Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant
CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks
Can we equate the political dueling of Betty Pleasant and Councilman Parks to Aunt Esther and Fred Sanford?
** Bloggin Disclaimer!! This next blog post may bring on shortness of breath and multiple episodes of denial that what was reported, actually took place. Rest assure, this may be the new spring that ushers in "Peace with our Time" or just a lull in the dog vs, cat political battle of Parks vs. Betty --- Scott Johnson.
Without further ado and with an economy of words, let it be stated that on April 25, 2912, the following on former LAPD Chief Bernard Parks were stated in this opinion piece by LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant regarding a "new LAPD.
Green and Smith went a step further and said the LAPD really began turning over a new leaf when Bernard Parks became chief in 1997 and ordered the members of the force to investigate and respond to every single complaint made by every single resident against every single police officer, no matter how trivial or off-the-wall it may seem. Cmdrs. Green and Smith said that before Parks laid down that edict, the LAPD never, ever responded to a complaint about themselves.
“We always threw them away and/or told the complainant to ‘get outta here,’ and we didn’t want to change that,” the commanders said. “But that one order from Parks forced us to begin listening to people and talking to people and looking at each other and looking at ourselves,” they said. 

....... Thus, with two paragraphs on the positive and true contributions of former LAPD Chief Bernard Park, will South LA bare witness to a new spring devoid of muckraking from the opinion pages of the LA Wave Newspaper, directed at now Councilman Parks? Or maybe Fred Sanford will find the beauty in the Aunt Esther? Stay tune!! 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson iin CD 14

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