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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

43rd Assembly District Candidate Greg Kirkorian target of Anti-Armenian Smear

What happens when a candidate for office has his words edited into a racial smear?
Posted by "American Beauty".
Posted by G Armenian Pride".
The "Howard Dean or Louis Farrakhan" of the Armenian Community  Those are some of the comments that appear on the edited YouTube video which are clearly design to frame 43rd  Assembly District Candidate Greg Kirkorian as some close-minded, rabid Armenian Nationalist. The videos, along with a  Glendale News Press story (a repugnant piece of agenda journalism) on Kirkorian's supposed comments, has created a backlash in the Armenian Community and are causing some to speculate who is behind the twin video smears (if one really needed to guess).  
Will Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto denounce these types of ethnic smears against his opponent?
Longtime Burbank and Sierra Club Activist Garen Yegperian (** himself no stranger to smear attacks from the Gatto Truther's "Burbank Blog"), penned theses comments on the videos.
Gatto’s minions (it seems to me he’s pretty good at having others do his dirty work for him) have already sunk into the mud. They have taken parts of one of Greg’s April 24th speeches, thrown up a Youtube page, and are trying to make him seem like an extremist so he loses support. That may sound really inappropriate, abusing Genocide related material, but it gets worse. There’s even a comment posted on Youtube questioning why Greg would mention his candidacy during such a speech. You’ll notice, whoever wrote that is trying to make Greg look bad to the Armenian community as well. What’s most telling is that the video’s posting date and the date that the various commenters’ Youtube accounts were opened are within a week of one another. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is NOT natural, normal, political discourse, but a pre-plotted hatchet job. The behavior is also familiar because of what I and others I know have experienced at Gatto’s hands.
Journalist Peter Musurlian, himself no stranger to the vindictive tactics of Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto, produced this video that takes the Glendale News Press to task for their bit of agenda journalism and notes Yegparian's comments on the video controversy. Further, he covers the Kirkorian's Campaign Kick Off event at the Glendale Hilton. One should also note what former 43rd Assembly Candidate was seen in the audience. Hint, don't expect any secret handshakes in the near future.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Little Mikey is goin around cryin and makin hay of Greg's comments. But what about what he was actually doing at this very same event?

Do you know that this shameless sleazeball was actually trolling around asking the Armenian Community leaders -who were assembled to mourn the lives of their lost- for their endorsements? Honest, my friend Nayiri told me. She was there and saw it all. Politicking at a Genocide Commemoration Ceremony? That's a new low, even for you Mikey.

If anyone has any doubts, go ahead and ask Ara Najarian, who I am told, was there to stand in solidarity with his fellow Genocide commemorators but wound up being cornered, interrupted and harangued by Little Mikey who was bent on hijacking the event, for his own self-serving and selfish purposes, by chewing Ara's ear off about offering him an endorsement, which I am told Ara wisely declined. Where's Peter M. when you need him?

Look folks, don't get it twisted, Greg's words may have been suspect but Gatto's deplorable deeds are undeniable. This sleazeball showed up to a Genocide Event for pure political purposes. But sadly for him, we are not as dumb and blind as he thinks or wishes us to be.

October's coming Little Mikey. Are you ready for your surprise? I hear you've been a really bad boy so don't expect a new pony or anything and if you think October's bad, wait till November when the election results come in. It's gonna be right back to Mommy's basement for you young man. You, your little trophy wifey and precious baby [BTW, is it true you shamelessly put her on one of your campaign mailers to scrounge up some cheap votes?] and oh yeh lets not forget her hotness Stacy "TheGlendaleGal" Brenner. Big Love!

Release The Krakin!

May 23, 2012 5:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It is simple the only people left reading the paper are the old Glendale Racists and the GNP has always been an anti-Armenian propaganda tool.

May 30, 2012 2:27 AM  

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