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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Afternoon Briefs on Recalling the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Rising up against the "lead cheerleader" of the Mayor Villar Education Machine, LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia.
Every mayoral office holder needs a designated cheerleader to rally the masses/union members in the City of Los Angeles. Former Mayor Dick Riordan had Steve "Mini Riordan I" Soboroff as his designated "rally man". For former Mayor James Hahn, he could rely on Londie "The BIG O" Cuevas to provide the "RA! RA!" to supplement the ho hum of the former "Mayor Poopy". But none, repeat no one compares to the reigning Mayor Antonio Villar "pom pom girl" LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia for outright boosterism. API scores could drop 200 points in one year at a Mayor Villar "Partnership in Education" campus and Garcia would still lead the masses in espousing Mayor Villar's visionary reforms. Thus, most local political observers would agree that Garcia is a boisterous tool for the mayor education agenda and nothing more.
Now some six plus years after Mayor Villar's election and stagnant education progress throughout the mayor's controlled LAUSD, its no surprise that community political insurrections are breaking out within LAUSD.The Mayor Villar Education Machine sought to continue its grip on LAUSD (and its billions dollars in contracts) by anointing Garcia's Chief of Staff Luis Sanchez to succeed independent Board Member Yolie Flores- Aguilar, but were defeated by a grass-roots/UTLA coalition backed Bennett Kayser candidacy. Now community activists are setting their "political sites" on School Board President Monica Garcia by launching a Recall Campaign.  
Expect this recall to have legs considering the educational failures within the Mayor's "Partnership in Education" campus and the dismal record at Charter Schools such as Academia Semillas del Pueblo that have enjoyed support from Garcia. If UTLA joins in this recall with financial support, then they can exploit a frustrated grass-roots base and regain control of LAUSD.
** Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo, who was the lone Latino Candidate for District Attorney until withdrawing from the race due to health concerns, has given his endorsement to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich in his quest to replace Steve Cooley as "Los Angeles County Top Prosecutor".
** We rejoin the Blogger Joseph Mailander vs. Redistricting Commissioner Helen Kim "Battle of the City Watch Missives" over who supposedly lost K-Town ...... and its getting personal. From Helen Kim's latest retort.
So, how does Mr. Mailander respond?  He begins his response with a personal attack:  Citing "a source close to the City of Los Angeles's Redistricting Commission," Mr. Mailander reports that I was the "the first commissioner to become irrelevant" and that "[a]t one point, the City Attorney reprimanded [me] for the kind of email [I] was sending out."  (CityWatch Link) 

...... and just who did loss K-town and the ramifications? From Commissioner Kim.

So, who really lost K-Town?  A majority of the Redistricting Commission and the City Council.  And that's why Koreatown will be suing the City of Los Angeles.

** Its a Thursday and the City Controller Wendy "The Valley Greuel" is "political ambulance chasing" in search of another City Hall scandal to audit "for political self-advancement", whoops, "in the spirit of openness and transparency". Today, we join the "Valley Greuel" in another fiscal "OH MY GOD MOMENT" as she finds fraud within the finances of the Coliseum Commission 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Blogger luisgsanchez said:

Thanks for reporting this. It's not the Mayor's agenda. It's the agenda of the funders (non-educators) of the Coalition for Educational Reform. The mayor is a non-educator Latino mascot for them that blames teachers for shortcoming without ever putting his hands in the fire really ... just like Monica. The sad thing is most people do not really know and will be mislead by all the mailers sent out by the Coalition for Education Reform.

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