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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Machine Can't Buy Jimmy Gomez Polling Direction In 51st AD Race

The Machine behind the latest carpetbag candidate in Northeast L.A.

Can GPS help Riverside resident (via Echo Park) Jimmy Gomez find upward polling direction (and neighborhoods) in the 51st AD Race?

Some words of advise for 51st Assembly District Candidate Jimmy Gomez. "Loose Lips Sink (Political) Ships".

We say this because within the last few days, some of your new found friends within the assembly district of your latest (political) residency, have been chatting up a storm about you.

It seems that despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars of union money and the long list of endorsements of elected officials (who want the money promise to them as a condition of their support ........., allegedly), the voters of the 51st Assembly District are not keen on voting for another political outsider installed by the "machine".

We can understand if a "political panic attack" got the worst of you as you recited an AFSCME poll that had yourself in third place behind front runner Arturo Chavez and local political newcomer Luis Lopez respectively.

Continuing in the spirit of (political) understanding, we can feel your (political) pain as you regurgitated an AFSCME poll that shows up no where in your financial reports to the Secretary of State. Geez!! AFSCME spends a good chunk of undisclosed dues money ascertaining whether their brothers and sisters (at the County Labor Federation) latest sell job is going as plan and you "out" the details before undertaking the required reporting protocols. Novice (political) mistake indeed!

In extending an open hand in friendship, let me share some (political) advise with you, the newly constituted 51st AD has two qualified "home grown candidates" in this election cycle that voters can relate to. Just as in the recent CD 15 race, the voters of the 51st AD have an extended personal (and political) relationship with Arturo Chavez and Luis Lopez. They were born here, work here, vote here and aspire to represent their true community in public office. No amount of machine money going to undercut those ties in 2012.

Thus Jimmy, welcome to the 51st AD, take the time to meet your new Echo Park neighbors and establish some true (not political) community ties before cutting in front of our home-grown political talent.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in the 51st AD

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Blogger Rargran said:

And I thought I was mean taking cheap shots at Oscar Gutierrez over on the Patch. I may not be voting for Jimmy, but he's a perfectly competent guy nonetheless. Someone I'm certain would be perfectly adequate in Sacramento. Unfortunately I expect more than simple adequacy from my candidates.

March 26, 2012 11:47 AM  

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