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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Another Soulvine Thursday": A Great Day for Betty Pleasant!

Los Angeles Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant (on top) and her "little short guy" City Clowncil Central Committee Dictator Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson.
Betty regales readers about her GREAT DAY! 
"Can't get enough of your political love Herb!"
With a little help of the late great Barry White, we bring you this special edition of "Another Soulvine Thursday", post Redistricting 2012. In Betty's own words, you can feel the love radiating from each syllable as she retells how her "little short guy", City Clowncil Central Committee Dictator Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, put City Councilpersons Jan Perry and Bernard Parks in their place. .
The Los Angeles City Council approved the city’s redistricting maps Friday by a vote of 13-2, thus handing theBernard Parks/Jan Perry duo a resounding defeat in their attempts to maintain the fractured status quo in their 8th and 9th districts. Parks and Perry could get no purchase on any dissenting issue they raised. It was beautiful.Friday’s council meeting was the best I’ve watched in my entire life. Even the usually boring long public comment portion before the vote was interesting as it included repeated threats from the maps’ opposers that they are going to sue the city if the council approved the maps. That dog didn’t hunt because the city is sued by somebody over something every day. Now, in his newsletter this week, Parks is urging his followers to write and call MayorAntonio Villaraigosa and tell him to veto the council’s approval of the maps. That’s odd, as it was just the other day that Parks was accusing Villaraigosa of having actually created the maps! Where’s the logic in that? If Parks believes the Redistricting Commission’s maps were actually Villaraigosa’s, then what would make him think the mayor could be pressured into vetoing their approval? It’s circular insanity. Oh, and by the way, I keep telling the L.A. Times to stay out of Black folks’ business, but they won’t listen.

Betty does the 30th Congressional District Race:

I’ve already reconsidered Rep. Brad Sherman, who is running for re-election against Rep. Howard Berman in the newly created 30th Congressional District where both of these fine, veteran incumbent Democrats must fight each other to remain in Congress. I reside in the newly redistricted 30th Congressional District. I was all torn up over this Sherman vs. Berman shootout, as I was very fond of those two guys and was hard-pressed to decide which of these really great representatives I wanted to keep. The idea of losing either one of them was simply ripping me apart. But then, I got a press release announcing that Sherman had endorsed Lietunich for district attorney, this ending my quandary and sending all my love, respect and admiration over to Berman. I ran to Berman’s campaign office and got some yard signs for my property and volunteered to work my neighborhood on Berman’s behalf. Obviously, there’s a flaw in Sherman’s character I had never seen — until he endorsed Lietunich. 

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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