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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Support an United Koreatown Community in CD 13 (.. and transparency in redistricting)

** Blogger's note: Shall we call this a "Bloggin Action Alert" for all those disenfranchise by the backroom dealings of the City of Los Angeles Redistricting Committee? DARN RIGHT! Take time out tomorrow and become part of the political awakening of Los Angeles Korean-American Community, as they stand up for an united Koreatown Community, Link here for information on parking and map of rally location. Like our neighbors in Westchester, CD 4, Northeast LA, CD 9 and Sunland-Tujunga, activists in Koreatown have been front and center in demanding common sense and openness in the redistricting process. Unfortunately, the likes of Mayor Antonio Villar and his ally City Council President Herb Wesson see the once in a decade redistricting process as an endeavor to ensure a flow of campaign cash and alleged kickbacks for services rendered. All communities within the City of Los Angeles who have been aggrieved in this process should take time out tomorrow and join hands for a open and fair redistricting process---Scott Johnson   

Koreatown is a community divided on so many levels.

On a government level, Koreatown is divided into multiple Council Districts. Instead of one leader, we have four different council members. This creates problems for the Koreatown community because there is no accountability by our leadership. For example, it is difficult to get urban development, such as parks and community centers. Projects that affect Koreatown must go through four council members instead of just one. It took about fifteen years to get the Olympic Police Station built. We want Koreatown into one council district which means one council member which means accountability.

But politics is just one of challenges we face.

We are made up of different ethnicities. We are truly the melting pot of Los Angeles: Latinos, Asians, African-American, Caucasian, etc. This is the jewel of Koreatown. However, we need to build better bridges between all the communities so that all of its members have a voice.

As a community, we are at a crossroads.

Hands across Koreatown is a calling for unity. We are asking people to join hands to not only build better ties amongst each other, but to also empower a community. We want unity so that we may have a stronger voice, a greater impact in government -- hold people in office accountable. So that ultimately, we may have a better life.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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