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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

LAUSD Dealing with Permit Problems and Potential Teacher Action This Friday

Many LAUSD parents were stunned to learn last week that the LAUSD permits which allow them to send their child(ren) to a school outside of their neighborhood school boundaries would not be available for any incoming siblings. Reasons given were due to the upcoming budget cuts and the loss of teachers and classrooms.

There are two general basic permits that LAUSD parents utilize and apply for: a work permit (used when a parent is part of the work force within the school's boundaries) or a childcare permit (used when a childcare provider for the parents resides within the school's boundaries). Traditionally, permit quotas have been high enough to accommodate most parents requesting one. Some parents have been attending schools for many years using permits and have one, two and on occasion, three students attending the same school on permit.
Many schools in the Valley (especially the higher-performing schools) are withdrawing any and all permits for siblings of existing "permit students" who are ready to start kindergarten and all other new incoming students who will be registering for school for the first time next fall and looking to get their foot in the door of a good school using a permit.

This has left some parents in the unbearable position of either pulling their existing student from the permit school and enrolling both students at their neighborhood school (even if it is no where near the quality of the permit school they're at now), or separate their children and allow the already attending child to stay at the school they're at now, while sending their younger, just-starting-children to another school different from their brothers or sisters.

Monday found many parents on the phone to their schools of choice, hoping to get their child's name on a waiting list. Most of those parents will not know the status of any available permits until after enrollment is done for neighborhood children, sometime towards the end of August.

In other LAUSD News ...

UTLA is calling for a Teacher Protest this Friday, June 6 for the first hour of school (warning: pdf of the Action flyer). They want teachers to picket in protest of the proposed budget cuts and have asked parents and children to join them. Children whose parents are unable to attend these protests and to sign their children out of school for the protest will more than likely be treated to an extra long recess period and teaching aides and administrative staff will be supervising. If you have a child in LAUSD, please talk to your teacher to see if they will be participating in the walk, and what plans your campus has in regards to child supervision.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen (removes hat and bows low with flourish):

Sots, it appears that teachers aren't the only ones with a rip in their knickers. Apparently the former principal of Locke High School has decided to bring a civil suit against the school district for his wrongful termination. (Sighs) Poor Principal Wells. His grinding of an ax got him just that, savvy?

June 03, 2008 9:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

LAUSD should be sued bigtime for its battling charters tooth and nail, pandering to the teachers' union/UTLA -- they're still miserable about Locke getting away to Green Dot, Lord forbid the kids should have a fighting chance.

They and not Wells should be tarred and feathered. They've defied a court order to share space with charters for over a decade, while they've wasted over a billion bucks on failed payroll and inventory systems and money to fix those systems, on building on toxic waste sites and where there's declining enrollment but NOT in the "rich" areas, and on programs for illegals but NADA for gifted/ bright kids.

Keep them warm bodies in them seats, in those juvie halls, is behind the battles against charters, revoking childcare permits which are a salvation to many. Ironically, the better schools are NOT always in the wealthier areas, just where there's no busing. Half the kids feel unsafe and ARE, half don't graduate and most of the rest are denied the education their parents want.

SUE LAUSD for false imprisonment of kids in dangerous facilities, for failure to give them their constitutional right to an education appropriate to their needs, and TAX FRAUD for forcing parents to pay for these juvie halls just to put money into the pockets of teachers and administrators and support staff, all of whom have great benefits -- with no public accountability, while parents must pay AGAIN to educate their kids in a safe, caring place.


June 04, 2008 1:25 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just a point of clarification- The stay-out for the first hour of school on Friday is with no pay, I'm told.

But the idea that teachers and others don't want the cuts to the budgets as they are now proposed something UNKNOWN to the guys in Sacramento?

How would this sacrifice of an hours pay for each participating teacher MAKE changes happen on the budget?

I think that this action will be able to be withstood by the legislators as to the decisions made and that it just makes the teacher's union out to act out of saving it's own skin more than outright benevolence towards students and their families.

I suppose we will find out soon enough.

June 04, 2008 3:41 PM  

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