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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Edmiston Empire Expands

It's been a while since we last talked about Joe Edmiston, executive director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the Mountains Recreation and Conservancy Authority. Joe - who has been called "L.A.'s most powerful unelected official" - walks the land in a Smokey the Bear uniform, carries a gun and can take your property at twenty paces faster than Ike Clanton.

Last year, Joe expanded his empire to Santa Clarita and now they're going even further north to grab some of the Antelope Valley.

KABC radio host Doug McIntyre was one of the first to issue the clarion call about the questionable activities of the SMMC and MRCA. It's McIntyre's view that these agencies acting in concert can tax or even take your property without your knowledge and with little recourse - despite laws designed to protect you.

Its a complex issue that is way below the radar of most and its difficult to debate most folks on in that Edmiston's activities are cloaked under the feel good wrappers of "environmentalism" and "open space preservation." Indeed worthy goals but not at the expense of government taking private land unfairly.



Anonymous Anonymous said:

Was it Bureau of Land Management or some other Fed agency, a few years back, that engineered a raid searching for marihuana plants as a pretext for confiscating some guy's property to acquire the missing land for another national monument or something? They ended up shooting the landowner to death but did not find any pot.
Was it that Bear in a Woodsy Owl get-up?

September 05, 2007 11:42 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Well, I read the linked article about what this Antelope Valley group is doing, and it seemed pretty good to me.

They aren't "taking" anyone's land. They are forming a mangagement platform to give stewardship to various parcels which have been donated by developers over past years to mitigate for the habitat destruction brought about by their projects.

Get someone who has actual experience and knows what they're doing? Perish the thought.

Having experienced some small open space preservation wars, I love anyone who can stand up against the forces of development, and the billions of dollars at stake, by whatever means necessary.

That includes Mr. Edmiston. More power to him too.

September 05, 2007 1:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Nice comment Joe!

September 05, 2007 2:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Viva Mr. Edmiston.

September 05, 2007 6:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If only Joe would come to the Santa Susanna Mountains and stop the development that is going on in our mountains. He only cares about the Santa Monica Mountains and closes his eyes to the development right across the valley from "his" mountains.

September 05, 2007 9:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Naw, Mister Edmiston probably wants to see the Santa Monica Mountains renamed as the Edmiston Range.

September 05, 2007 10:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

With people like Zev Y, who controls that part of the Santa Monica Mts., anxious to sell any piece of land he can, Edmiston is doing a needed job.

September 05, 2007 11:04 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Yea wait until you get one of those mystery assessments on your home.

September 05, 2007 11:27 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

And if his job is to preserve land - why does he need to carry a gun? Surprised you liberals aren't saying anything about that.

By the way I have read that the SMMC makes a lot of dough by writing tickets for people who don't stop for fake stop signs.

September 05, 2007 11:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I have to dissagree with MS on this one. Edmiston knows how to navigate through intergovernmental bureacracy better than most, however with land conservation as his primary goal. Joe has also brokered land deals in other designated conservancy areas in the state, like the Baldwin Hills. To watch that guy in action is truly an experience. Much repect to bigg Joe E!!

September 05, 2007 11:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Like the SMMC, the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy is a sham too.

September 06, 2007 11:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Have to agree with MS on the sham traffic tickets for rolling stops at signs where there is not another soul around, except some cop lurking in the bushes who has to more than pay for his keep. But same goes for the cops doing same in residential hills, pissing off people against the cops.

Agree with Joe's other work, though.

September 06, 2007 1:31 PM  

Blogger Don Culo said:

Learn to use the breaks, do you run a red light when not a souls is around?

December 04, 2007 10:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It NEVER fails to amaze me how naive people are to actually believe liberals are for the public. The only equality they believe in is the kind that keeps everyone EQUALLY BELOW them. Joe cares about his power and to support his ideals is very short-sighted of you if you ever intend to get out of your apartment. Certainly something you own someday will be in the sights of some corrupt, greedy person like him and we'll see how much you like it. P.S. How crazy is it that he wears that get-up with a gun and everything. I'm at terrified at how ignorant we have all been(at least I have)and I am going to watch this "man" closely now.

December 04, 2007 8:15 PM  

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