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Monday, January 10, 2005

Switching Allegiances?

AngelsThis post started off as a light hearted, non-Villaraigosa bashing, no-brainer post to wean us back into the weekly grind after a rained
out weekend. Problem is I had too much time on my hands and started thinking...

Topic: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

What on earth was Arte Moreno thinking? For a man who flawlessly handled the PR during his purchase of his team from the evil empire of Disney, how could he possibly piss so many people off with such ineptness. Was he drinking too much of his reduced price beer, or was there more to it? I'm beginning to think the later. No matter how bad Arte pissed off his fan base, they weren't going anywhere. Who else would they root for? The Padres? A Northern CA team? The dreaded Dodgers? Of course not. The OC prides itself on not being LA. They want nothing to do with us, unless it is to use our airport.

What Arte Moreno as a shrewd businessman banked on was something that TJ Simmers in the LA Times comments on all to frequently: The Parking Lot Attendant (Frank McCourt). Leave it to Frank to piss off his fan base even more than Arte would with the name change. Capitalize on Frank's failing and steal his fan base.

As a life-long Dodger fan I have to admit, I've about had it up to here with the bungled handling of the Dodger roster and payroll. Can you name five starting Dodgers? I didn't think so. I long for the days of glories past before the other evil media empire of Fox destroyed the team. I long for the days of Kirk Gibson rounding second with the pump of his arm.

Problem is, I had no one else to root for. I couldn't bring myself to cross the 'Orange Curtain'. I certainly couldn't look North. How could I keep my LA allegiance and yet still root for a winning team while watching just a few miles to the south a team that had heart and drive and could actually win in today's market.

I think Arte just answered my dilemma. He loses nothing. He has everything to gain. And eventually the fans in OC will figure out that the more money Arte brings in, the more his team will spend on payroll, and the more they will win, while we are left with the AAA farm team.

I hate to say it, but I think I just became a fan of the new LA team...


Anonymous Anonymous said:

The whole thing isn't a funny as everyone thinks. The Dodger's who are really Los Angeles's only team pay taxes, use services, etc, etc, etc and deserve to be able to have the name Los Angeles.....attached to their team no matter how good or lousey they are.

The Angels(whom I do like as a team and rootef for when they won the world series)nonetheless have no right to the use of the name of the City of Los Angeles for their financial gain and marketing. That is the ONLY reason they are using the name.

I saw a bill board this weekend in LA and frankly it looked silly.

Maybe the Rams or Raiders should change their names to Los Angeles again while playing in Oakland and in St. Louis........that certainly would expand their market as well.

The City should SUE the Angels for not being so angelic and for usurping the City's name for profit without paying for it.

What I don't understand is how there could be so much 'pay to play' going on in this City and something as big as this could just......get away !!!!

January 10, 2005 1:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Watch out.....all is NOT well in FILMLAND LA !!!

Word has it that Steve McDonald.....Mayor's hand picked and forced down the throat of EIDC, Recently appointed Executive Director, is in hot hot water already, with his new and honest board of directors.

Seems like Hollyood 'fiction' doesn't play well for already investigated,past indicted and new members EIDC board, particularly when community is in uproar, like never before, over being run over by Hollywood filming.

In this fictional script Steve's recently published claims of credit for that which he didn't do......like hiring EIDC's financial guy who is turning it around(hired before Steve was there), taking additional credit for that which he didn't do(more to come) and his now, in the bright lights, 'fictional' misrepresentations on resume that got him job (like starting LA Business Team for Riordan....try Rocky Delgadillo on for size on that one.... and claims that all that went well in building and safety and their new systems while he was underling there (try current GM for those successes)were all his doing.

Stay tuned more to come since the Mayor knew the true story when he pushed this hire. Thought the new EIDC was supposed to be independent of the old.

Hey, how much does the EIDC owe the City anyway and when will the City collect ?

January 10, 2005 1:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What does the EIDC have to do with the Angels???

January 14, 2005 6:53 PM  

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