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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Noting the Passing of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby's Beloved Mother

The Mother of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby has passed away after a short illness.
Mourning the loss of Michael's beloved Mother.
** Blogger's Note: Its with profound sadness that I note the Passing, on Saturday, of Mayor Sam's Founder ......, (and Dear Friend), Michael Higby's Mother, after a short illness. Multi-tasking "Cut and Pasting", while wiping away tears of sorrow over Michael's loss, I have posted below, Michael's lovely tribute to his Mother that he posted on his Facebook Page. I will post the details on the services as soon as they are available. In closing, please pardon the bloggin pause as I honor a Dear Friend at a moment of great loss---Scott Johnson.   
Early this morning my beloved mom - went to be with the Lord after a quick illness during her stroke recovery.

So often when a loved one passes people will kindly state they are sorry for one's loss. I understand that sentiment and yes indeed we have lost Mom from our world, but what a blessing it was we had her in our lives for a season!

Those who knew Mom knew her to be kind, loving, intelligent, engaging, funny and so many other adjectives. Mom was my teacher, my protector, my friend, my confidante and hero. We had our moments of course but she was as I told her "the best mama." Mom had many challenges in her life but she was a survivor who overcame so many of them. She often didn't even know how strong she was. She was a good friend to those she knew, impacting so many lives and not even believing she had. In the end, her body could no longer take the challenges it faced and it was her time.

She was a loved daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. And she is reunited in heaven with her beloved husband, her daddy, and other loves.

Yes, we have lost her and I will miss my mommy until that day Jesus draws us all together. I am glad she is out of pain. And I'm so grateful she was my mom.

Thank you to so many of you who were friends to her, especially in her last months and for all your love and support. I know she was very appreciative. I will continue to pray in gratitude for you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Goodnight, Mama!

Our prayers to Michael and his family during this time of mourning.
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm sorry to read about your loss. My prayers are with you ...

Sincerely a Loyal reader..

March 03, 2015 1:41 PM  

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