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Monday, November 25, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Catty Latina Political Machine for Monday

Meet a "connected couple" of the Latina Enablers of the Los Angeles Machismo Political Machine
Maria Elena Durazo
 As we near the Thanksgiving start of the 2013 Holiday Season, Los Angeles Magazine grants "a musing gift of tease" regarding its upcoming profile of the reigning Latina Power Broker within the Los Angeles Political Machine, LA County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo. In an interview granted to noted, upcoming LA Political Writer Hillel Aron, the "political comadre" of former Failure Mayor Antonia Villar, is warm, engaging and bullish about her life experience, but according to Aron, became terse in discussing another, well-known Latina Politico, pictured below ..........
....... or was it "Union of Husband and Wife Buster" Gloria Romero?
According to the Los Angeles Magazine missive authored by Aron, former State Senator Gloria Romero had a nine year affair with Durazo's late husband Miguel Contreras, who many believe was responsible for the rise of the Latino y Latina Labor Left in Los Angeles, as the preceeding head of the County Labor Federation. Contreras untimely death in South LA was extensively chronicle by now LA Times City Hall Beat Writer David Zahniser, in this classic missive of political investigated journalism, during his time at the LA Weekly. Zahniser notes that at the time of Contreras's death, Romero sought out from multiple sources the true cause of her alleged, ex. lover's death. The one woman who still wanted to know more was state Senator Gloria Romero. "She allegedly went to the head of United Firefighters of Los Angeles City — Pat McOsker — seeking answers in the days after Contreras’ death. McOsker would not provide any, according to sources familiar with the conversation. “Later on, I heard that Gloria Romero was trying to figure out what happened,” added Natalie Rayes, Hahn’s former deputy chief of staff. “I heard from people that she contacted some of the fire department folks to figure out what happened.” McOsker denied that he had been contacted by Romero, saying that he had no idea where the death occurred and never looked into the circumstances. “I just knew that my friend Miguel died suddenly, and that it was heartbreaking,” he said." 
....... Thus, now we know Romero's true motivations for seeking how Contreras passed on and the cost to her future political aspirations will continue to mount as long as Durazo reigns over the LA Labor Machine. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


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