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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Morning Briefs on the LA City Hall Connection to the Senator Calderon Bribery Scheme

The Political Thunderstorm that is the State Senator Ron Calderon Bribery Scandal cast its shadow on an unnamed LA City Clowncil Central Committee Member as we play a bloggin, "Who was It?"
The looming Senator Calderon Bribery Scandal is about to drench an unnamed City Clowncil Central Committee Member (current or past). 
Would Montebello (CD 14 East) State Senator Ron Calderon please name the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Member cited in the FBI Affidavit as the potential recipient of payola? 
Great Tuesday Morning to all as we invite you to join in a Bloggin Political Game of "Who was It?". 
Since the leak by Aljezzera America of the FBI Affidavit involving the alleged Bribery Scandal of Montebello's State Senator Ron Calderon, local scribes and bloggers alike, have combed through the document and found linkage in the politically explosive details, to either current of former LA City Clowncil Central Committee Members, which ones only Senator Calderon can elaborate on.
In today's edition of the "Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet" (aka Daily News), former blogger, turned print scribe Dakota Smith discloses a passage from the FBI Affidavit that links a "Los Angeles City Councilman" to the alleged group of fiscal beneficiaries of Senator Calderon "Pay to Play Scheme" as we note below .......... 
According to the affidavit, Calderon “mentioned several different accounts into which he was considering having the (agent) deposit the remaining money (Californians for Diversity, Senator de Leon, Ronald Calderon for Controller, Ronald Calderon Officeholder, and a Los Angeles City Councilman).”
“The (agent) told (Calderon) to spell out where he wanted the money to go on a piece of paper and the (agent) would do it,” the document states.
Some money was eventually transferred to Californians for Diversity, the affidavit later indicates. The “councilman” is not mentioned again in the document.

........ so simply, who was it?

From reading the FBI Affidavit, most of the direct interaction between the fictitious Filmmaker Rocky Patel and Senator Calderon, takes places in Downtown LA. Further, the base of operations for the phony film company was in Downtown LA's Arts District, which now a part of Clowncil Central Committee Member Huizar's CD 14 District.

Another political sidebar to note in the link of Senator Calderon to LA City Hall, was his brother Tom's role in raising money for the re-election of former "Failure Mayor" Antonio Villar in 2009, which was surely reciprocated in some way by the former Mayor, or possibly his close ally Clowncil Ally Jose Huizar.

Just a bloggin thought ........, but not far-fetch considering that Senator Calderon and current Clowncil Central Committee Member Huizar were on the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles Committee in 2012.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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