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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mid-day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

LA Observed Business Blogger Mark Lacter dies after Stroke.
When not musing for LA Observed, Lacter was heard weekly on KPCC.
** LA Observed Blog Founder Kevin Roderick has just posted the sad news regarding the death of his primary blog partner and business writer Mark Lacter. Lacter suffered a major stroke yesterday which cause massive bleeding on the brain which he did not survive. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Lacter Family.
** This blogger was upon many in the local media that turned out yesterday at Bell Gardens City Hall for the Press Conference by Assemblywoman Christina Garcia and assorted Southeast LA Elected Officials, that called upon State Senator Ron Calderon to resign. Judging from the Elective Officials who stood with Assemblywoman Garcia, a growing backlash against the Calderon Political Machine is well under way and those remaining elected supporters of the Calderon Machine, may pay a political price for their continuing support in upcoming elections.

** Meanwhile the Calderon Machine is hitting back with allegations that the FBI Sting against Senator Calderon was initiated after the Montebello (CD 14 East) Politico would not cooperate in a Sting against State Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg and Kevin De Leon. Local political observers are musing verbally that this is a push back against Senator Steinberg for striping Senator Calderon of his committee assignments.

** Not to let a good political scandal go to waste, the Assemblyman Mike Gatto Astro-turf Burbank Blog, has attempted to link the likes of former La Canada Assemblyman, now State Senate Candidate Anthony Portatino, Bonnie Lowenthal and former City of LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo to contributions from the infamous Pacifica Hospital in Long Beach, which gave major money to Tom Calderon.

** Guess which "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" is one of four Latino Politicos profiled in Tony Castro's latest missive regarding their respective sex scandals?

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Scott Johnson in CD 14      


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