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Friday, November 22, 2013

Whats looming beyond our Bloggin Deadline?

Here are some bloggin teases on political topics looming after our cyber deadline.
Hmmm, what could be of bloggin interest in the local political community?
Great TGIF to all as we truncate our Morning Briefs due to self-impose deadline and story gathering excursion to the west of the "405 Concrete Curtain" (** yes, that means we are going deep into the "WWG Turf" for bloggin content") Here are some teases on future content.
** Why is LA Wave Newspaper "Soulvine Columnist" Betty Pleasant in a musing lather over the Sebastian Ridley-Thomas for the 54 Assembly District Special Election Campaign? We will have more background come Saturday A.M.
** Who is the latest potential, future CD 14 City Council Candidate to domicile themselves to challenge the current "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" City Clowncil Central Committee Member?
** Has anyone ever heard of the Hollywood Earthquake Fault and its looming potential for inflicting seismic political damage on City Hall and the Building and Safety Department?
** Did someone with the last name of "Patel" recently donate money to a certain, alleged Senator Ron Calderon connected City Clowncil Central Committee Member Office Holder Account?
** Has the "University of Scandalous Conduct" lied to various East and Northeast LA Neighborhood Councils regarding their "parking issues" at its Health Science Campus?
** What are alleged Autry National Center "El Plan" Shill Gabriel Buelna's link to a dubious former CD 14 Staffer named Gustavo Valdivia?
......... more later on the other side of our bloggin road trip and Deadline.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  


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