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Monday, October 01, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

The Producers behind Friday's AEG/City Council Farmers Field Feature Presentation
In this grainy, shady photo, Los Angeles County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo is seen conferring with former City Council Member and Convicted Felon Martin Ludlow, behind the Horseshoe, during Friday's AEG/City Council Farmers Field Feature Presentation.
Some notes on the program, regarding Friday's three hour plus long "AEG/City Council Farmers Field Feature Presentation".
Did I miss a change in the security rules within the City Council Chambers, which allows for free assess to the area behind the Horseshoe, to convicted felons? All you needed to know about the shady background behind this stadium deal, was seeing disgrace former City Councilman Martin Ludlow, working the Horseshoe as bridge between his current employer AEG and some of his past colleagues.
We wonder if AEG LA LIVE City State Strongman Tim LIEweke would disclose if all the extras that pack every seat in the the council chambers, were paid SAG wages? From the union hard hats, Dorsey High School Football Players, hotel workers, Peter O'Malley, Roz Wyman, my Rams brothers and the role-playing LA CAN supporters, the casting call is to be commended.
There was a security breach as a Raider Fan, somehow escape his work detail at the Criminal Courts Building, to show support for raising crime stats, whoops bring back the the Silver and Black to Los Angeles.
A little sub-plot within the bigger presentation, CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas was seen visiting her former CD 14 boss, then morphed into a human lojack , in near proximity of a certain blogger.
If you wish to see video of this LIEweke/Durazo/Ludlow/Villar/Perry presentation before AEG presses DVDs for public consumption, you can link here to Ron Kaye's Blog, with his standard, salient commentary. GO RAMS in 2016!
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Scott Johnson in CD 14  


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