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Thursday, May 03, 2012

A "Cease and Desist Order" not directed at Mayor Sam (for once)

LACDP Chair and California Democratic Party Vice-Chair Eric Bauman
46th AD Candidate Brian Johnson. The recipient of Bauman's "Cease and Desist Order" 
For once here at Mayor Sam, we can report on some other political entity that is a target of a "Cease and Desist Order".From Los Angeles County Democratic Party's Chairperson and 46th AD Resident Eric Bauman, we bring you this,
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     
MAY 2, 2012

Clark Lee

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Issues Cease and Desist to Fake Democratic Group "Democrats for Education Reform" 

LOS ANGELES - Today, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party issued a cease and desist letter to an organization calling themselves "Democrats for Education Reform," for unlawfully using the name of the Democratic Party in the title of their organization and on campaign materials. "Democrats for Education Reform" is not chartered by the Democratic Party, and as such has no legal right to use the Party's name or to raise funds with the implication that they are a Democratic Party organization, as clearly defined in the California Elections Code.  
In the race for California Assembly District 46, candidate Brian Johnson has touted the support of "Democrats for Education Reform" on his lawn signs, mailers, and television ads. Johnson is not endorsed by the Democratic Party and "Democrats for Education Reform" is not authorized to issue endorsements by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has not endorsed any candidate in the 46th Assembly District. Additionally, mailers featuring this phoney endorsement have been paid for by EdVoice, the California Charter Schools Association Advocates and other organizations, in a clear attempt to deceive voters. 
LACDP Chair and California Democratic Party Vice-Chair Eric Bauman, the signer of the cease and desist letter stated: 
"It's clear that the so-called 'Democrats for Education Reform' are an astro-turf group trying to trick voters into thinking they are, or speak for the Democratic Party. 
I live in AD 46, and being Chair of the LA County Democratic Party and Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party, I know for certain the Party did not endorse in this race. But from signs in my neighborhood and mailers sent to me by EdVoice and the Johnson campaign, it's clear that they want voters to think the Democratic Party has endorsed him. This is wrong and needs to stop immediately, that's why the LACDP has sent this cease and desist letter to this fake group and Mr. Johnson." 
....... and wondering what Democratic Consultant John Shallman might think of this latest development in the 46th AD Contest?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14   



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